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Online ORSM

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MightyMurph, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Hi, whenever i try join severs it bans me straight away by saying 11_VE.HDV or Track Config wrong? wat do i do, i cant race online...
  2. believe it or not i have the same problem
  3. have u installed the fujoitsu series if so u need to go to the fujitsu folder and replace the tyres with the normal ones
  4. it does it when im racing V8factor 2011
  5. yeah thats the problem the fujistsu series somehow overwrites the tye files so copy n paste the normal ones in there and it should work ccause i have done it
  6. thanks mate, ill have a try
  7. Not sure why that's happening as its in its own folder..

    if it works can you let me know so I can make a post over at RSC
  8. it didnt work...
  9. So u did copy the tyres from the Orsm dictory to cumminity content>Fujitsu series?
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  10. which tyres? what are the files i need to copy over called?
  11. Rfactor>vehicles>orsm then copy V8SC.tbc V8SC sprint.tbc V8SC Control.tbc
    into commuinty content> Fujitsu series 2011 and replace the files in that folder.

    if u still get mismatches go n copy the phisycs from the 2010 season then copy them into the fujitsu series ( the fujitsu series uses the 2010 phicycs)
  12. Okay thanks mate ill try it now
  13. It works!! thanks so much mate ur hav been a real help :D really appreciate it
  14. np i picked up on it staright after i got a mismatch cause i was going through all the files
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  15. hmm..thanks for that but im not sure what would have changed or caused it to change :(

    BUT thank you for finding the issue and a resolve :)
  16. It may have been cause by the 1.1 update. If you had the Fujitsu series file made up our update wouldn't have included your add-on season. This being the case the physics would be the first release, Thus the mismatch..;)
  17. the tyre files u putted in the fujitsu series they have all different names to the one in the main orsm folder? did u take the tyres from v1.0? instead of 1.1?
  18. I believe the mod was underway after 1.1 was released & I though I just copied the files from the community addon season

    As above