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Online Lag Problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bierhof, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hello guys

    I play GTR Evolution now for 1 week and i have lag online.
    I always see other drivers shocking online but my friend says thats its me he always see me shocking and not someone else.
    Is it maybe because i use a router?

    Greetz Bierhof.
  2. Ping.

    If your ping to the server is 100 or more, don't join.

    You can sort the server list by ping (lowest to highest). Join servers with the lowest ping and you won't have lag.

    75 ping or less is optimal.
  3. Yeah i know.
    If i go in a server with 19 ping is still got the problem
    (forgot to say that in the reply):glasses-nerdy:

    Greetz Bierhof
  4. 19 ping? That's a very nice ping.

    I don't think it's "online lag" you are having. It sounds like "hardware lag".

    Can you post your computer specs?
  5. Not true Mike. The ping is not often the main issue. I have been in many races with a ping over 200 and experienced zero lag!! I was on a private network with pings in the tenths with jumpy cars all around. Most of the time it had to do with some sort of apps running on someone's machine (virus, disk defrag, etc...) which interfered with the data received over the wire.

    Mileage might vary, but look at your firewall and virus settings first.
  6. MotherBoard:MSI P45 Neo3-FR 1.600 Mhz

    CPU:Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83 Ghz
    RAM Memory: 3.0GB RAM
    VideoCard:Nvidia GTS 250 1024 MB
    XP Professional Service Pack 3

    That is my Computer
    I got it now 2 weeks
  7. All the right hardware, firewall and virus on? if yes try to turning them off to see if it helps.
  8. i have turned them off but it didnt help
    there is always standing in my screen synchronizing
    like:synchronizing (-440ms)
  9. are you using a wireless conection?


    whats your upload speed like, i was only getting 350kbps and i would often get lag, i recently got it increased to around 750kbps and the lag is gone. and yes i use wired connection :good:
  10. i dont use a wireless connection but i use a router i dont know the kb/s
    could you tell me where i could find the kb/s?
  11. Yeah, check all apps in the background, even WMP will download pics of you CD/MP3 your playing. Auto updates for any app or windows..
  12. Sounds a bit like packet loss - not that sure though. If you go start>run type cmd and then type ping www.google.com /t and see if you get any ping spikes or timeouts.
  13. My download speed is 434kb/s
    and my upload speed is 97.8kb/s
  14. is that kB/s or as you wrote kb/s, if it is 97.8kb/s then that it to low :(
  15. sorry i wrote that wrong mine is 678kbps (84.8KB/s) these bloody kbps and KB/s get me confused lol
  16. Download Speed: 3474 kbps (434kB/s)
    Upload Speed : 782 kbps (97.8kB/s)

    That are the results from broadbandspeed.co.uk
  17. So that are not bad results?
  18. that should be ok, did you try the ping www.google.com that james posted?
  19. i pinged to www.google.com
    Results: Min : 14ms
    Max: 15ms
    Average: 14ms

    is that good?