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Online Driving School

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andrea Picchi, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    tonight I finished one of the (free) basics class of SIM-MIN DRIVING SCHOOL.
    REALLY COOOOOOL !!! 3hours long using GTR2 and Team Speak !!!
    The school also have an advanced classes...
    You can take a look at: http://www.sim-min.com/index.php
    I just want to remind you you can found teacher like Franco Miniati (Official Porsche Teacher), some of the best Virtual Drivers and even Alex Balzan...
    Do this name remind you something?!?!?
    Maybe the Alfa WTCC n°51?!?!?
    Right !!!
    There is also an english forum...
    so don't waste more time reading thisp post... go!
  2. wow, sound cool, how it is working? I could not find any info about it on the english part of the forum, and my Italiano is not bueno.... :)

    How you can sign up for it, what the teaching contains, how the teaching is done exactly, what is the cost etc etc etc...

    Thanks for the great info xGuard, very interesting!
  3. I'll tell to the staff to write something in english about the courses...
    They have many request so maybe they will upload some english descriptions soon.
    For now bookmark the page!

    Check the Main page often and see in the news the announce about a new course.
    First you need the basic one and then you can sign for the advanced sourse.

    How enter ans exit the box area.
    How to Seat Right
    How to Use Your Wheel
    How to Overtake
    How to Brake
    How to Accelerate
    How to Turn
    How to Use your Arm in Turning
    Basic Knoledge about the Tyres
    How to Judge Incidents
    Official FIA Rules
    Adapeted FIA Rules for Sim Racing

    SIM Used: GTR2 NAP1.4 and rFactor (I was in the GTR2 NAP1.4)
    Everybody in the Pit, logged in TeamSpeak listen for the theory.
    You look the Teacher on the Track via Camera from the Pit.
    Then you exit for make some exercise with the teachers.

    Basic Course if Free, then you'll receive a Certificate.
    Advacned Course they said will be a simbolic fee for sign up.
    Avanced Course: Setup, Telemetry, Advanced Driving Techniques,ecc...


  4. thanks for the info xGuard, sound really cool!

    Just one small remark: i can visit the site very frequently to check for upcoming course, still i will not understand a single word out of it.... lol
  5. eheheheh ...
    you're right Neo!

    I'll suggest an english index...
    I'll ask!
  6. :) thanks m8, appreciate it!
  7. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    Looks very interresting, an (free) basic course online driving skills. If they also could provide it in english, i think a lot of people around here would be interested to follow it!
  8. I just sent an email to two admins asking for an english home page because of you guys.
    I don't know what or when they will replay, I'll keep you updated...

  9. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    Multo grazie, xGuard :)
  10. grazias! (or is this spanish...? lol)
  11. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    No, Neo, en espanol se escribe grazie como gracias :)

    Perdon per este mensaje OFF TOPIC!
  12. No problema amigo...
    btw I'm Italian... eheheh
    so "grazie" is right in italian...

    dankzegging Mouse
    köszönet Neo
  13. wow, we are becoming an international forum... lol

    Szívesen xGuard lol
  14. Good News...
    An Admin told me right now that in few days will be available a news section in english...
    ... another great news is that soon will be available for download a course (video e audio) in italian and english!
  15. cool! Thanks agian m8!
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    TOPIC MOVED (more a GTR2 topic i guess)
  17. not sure...
    school use gtr2 only because for gtr2 is available the "nap mod" (best physic out there) but users are from every type of championaship.. me inclused.

    maybe could be a generic topic.. interesting for everyone...

    btw, np.
  18. Sounds COOL :)
  19. LOL :)
  20. Whooo , this is very interesting.....
    Like to be part of that school class. \:D/