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Online cheaters

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lee_95, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Why do so many people cheat online ? The other day I was 2nd, chasing down the leader. I got right behind on the straight and was about to overtake him, when he suddenly 'brake-tested' me, meaning I crashed into him, damanged my car and got a penalty for causing a collision ?!!? This needs to be sorted out for F1 2011 :mad:
  2. Yup the 'justice system' in the game leave a lot to be desired. If you think about it though, its obviously unbelievably hard to code this sort of thing - I mean, the game is very black and white and cannot 'investigate' anything.

    In your example, how can it tell who was in the wrong? It is very frustrating.

    Ive swerved to avoid a 3 car pileup before and got 'illegal overtake' as ive gone a bit too far off track. The game is obviously looking to penalise Car A for going past Car B, C and D while off track, not accounting for the fact Cars B, C and D are stationary, pointing the wrong way and surrounded by fragments of carbon fibre.

    I will be very very interested to see how this is handled in 2011.
  3. Take it easy guys. These issues are extremely complicated and even real race stewards have difficulty sorting them out. Don't expect these things to go away anytime soon. Brake-testing is very frustrating even without a penalty and actually it maybe possible to correct it fairly soon. But for the other example of the pile up, that's very complicated indeed. For example some people may cut an entire corner to take advantage of a pileup where a few inches off the track might have been sufficient.
    What's worse is that only hardcore fans are likely to even encounter these problems so they may be overlooked. I guess this makes it all the more real as stewards don't always get it right in the real thing.
  4. Take it easy guys? Lol. You read my post?
  5. Hehe. That was directed more towards the OP. Anyway the thing is there's no point expecting these issues to be solved very soon.
  6. This is one reason why I'm pleased I found this site and use the organised races on it. It's like a breath of fresh air imo going into an RD race. Down side is going back to normal online races.....
  7. Yep very annoying, at Canada as we exited the cicane i got a good run and was up against the wall on the exit with the other guy who was ahead of me at my right. Rather than giving me room he pushed me over into the barrier, another example was at Susuka's turn 8 (please see here for info on which turn that is). I had taken a defensive line on the way towards turn 8 and a guy from behind tried to go around the out side of me, rather than backing off and accepting he wouldn't make it he stuck with it knowing as i turned in i would run to the outside of the turn due to the amount of speed i would be carrying and because of that i would not be able to aviod hitting him in less he avioded me. He did not do that and on the exit of turn 8 we touched and i got blamed and a given negative rep for been unsporting. I can never recall seeing a real F1 driver overtaking or even trying to over take there, i don't mind a fair challange but to try and overtake in places that are out of the question and then blame me for it is not right. If i course a crash i will wait for the guy who i hit to take his position back even if that means i full to the back of the field and out of contention for a good finish.

    I think to be honest the online gameplay needs to be changed a little so that people who course accidenets and like it can be delt with by the player like when someone joins a session the host must accept there request to join at which he/she can read any reviews, see rep etc. If the person is bad then they can either reject there request to join or ban them from ever joining any of the sessions the host sets up. This would make the online coding a little different but it would mean better management of who can join and who can't.

    Also people who crash should have ranking points taken away from them, at first i would have said this is a bad idea but i am seeing more rank 50 player's trying to do things that are just stupid and knowing the chances are the other drivers will jump out of there way or make a mistake due to loss of consantration or because they try to take the corner faster. Or the rank 50 player (which i see more often now) just barges there way past neglecting what corner it is and if it would even be possible to pass at such a corner, also the rank 50 players take corners using as much track as possible (thats fine) but when cutting the corner and running all four wheels off the track on the exit (thats not so good).

    I don't race with manual gears so i know trying to catch a guy who does will be very testing, so if i get into a position that know i can't progress up from i will pass myself as best i can to the car behind rather than trying to see how quickly i can try and catch the car ahead which is most likely not going to happen and resault in me spinning of something. This i do not see online, the 3 lap stint races are all about speed and how good your car control is, i would like to see a new option added to sprint races. 5 lap sprint with everything as it is in F1 2010 been random but also the weather been random, also a 1 minute timer as a pose to a 30 second timer when setting up your car and someone selects go to GP.

    Anyway thats off topic, i hope the team can come up with something that will punich the regular crashers or give the player the power to accept or decline people from joining there sessions.
  8. ToxLaximus

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    One way would be for a server to store accident statistics, another would be for more realistic crashes, rest assured CM will never fix anything without it causing more problems...
  9. this is where a table showing how many penalties/crashes/disqualifications someone has had to try and avoid these. annoyingly the cheats outnumber the proper players..
  10. Hello all, these are issues and I believe the designers are a wear of these, and looking to how they can improve it, but like it's already been said, it's very complicated to program. So we can only hope for improvements.
  11. I would think that a "brake check" maneuver (sudden braking in front of closely following car on a straight, way before the braking zone for a turn to cause a crash and penalty) would be very easy to program into the penalties in the game. The penalty for such crap should be instant disqualification. And for the people that think this is racing, you're idiots.

    And while I'm at it, so are the people that think side swiping an overtaking car on a straight to drive them into a wall. That should also be an instant disqualification.
  12. If they was to fix them people would say why didn't they fix the been ramed off the road in a braking zone or it wasn't my fault the car ahead didn't get off the line and yet i was the one who was given a penaulty. Although i do agree something needs to be done where by the host has better control over who joins and who doesn't the problem is going by just the reviews people have posted about another driver isn't justice as i could go online and spam as many drivers as i could giving them all unsportsman like behaviour. If the was a way to make the game keep count of things like raming into other drivers in braking zones and the game knowing the difference between avioding a spin and side swipping someone then that could be listed as well.

    I can see why this can be very hard to program and understand that balancing mutiplayer out so that the fiar players don't get put with cheaters is not going to be easy, personally i would rather see someone who has ramed other drivers a set amount of times ie, 5 drivers ramed off the road given a weeks suspention from playing F1 2011 online. This i feel might be the only option to cutting the cheaters down but again it needs to be balanced as mistakes happen and crashes are inevitable during races. Everyone aiming for the same part of the track into the first corner, everyone wanting to win, overtakes that don't work as planed. I have been on the recieving end of many cheaters, one driver at Monza was side swipping me down the back straight, at Silverstone a driver tried to push me off the track by side swipping me and turning into me as we left the start. People like that need to be discoraged from making such moves and how do you go about making someone change their driving style. There is been aggressive (which i am and admite) and someone who will do what ever it takes to win, even if that means hitting another driver from behind as he/she brakes forcing them off line and into the gravel trap (which i will not do). I might be aggressive but i am not a cheat, i know how hard to push and when to push, i make mistakes like everyone else but i try to aviod getting involved in accidents and coursing them.

    So i feel everyones pain when they talk about cheaters and what they have done to win races, i am sure everyone has been there and those that have yet to race against a cheater will find out sooner or later what we talk about is true. But how to stop it is not going to be easy if at all possible, my answer is simple. Ban those from playig online for a set amount of time if they recieve so many penaulties (this would have to be done over the course of say 5 races). So every 6th race you start with a clean sheet so to speak, but again using the penaulties as a way to cut the cheaters down is nopt going to work if say you run wide on a corner and get a penaulty for a short cut which is very easy to do several times in a single race let alone in 5 races. So the game would have to be programed to know the differences between a penaulty for short cuts and one for crashes.

    I hope Codemasters can find a way to improve the multiplayer side of the game for everyone and reduce the chances of people willing to ram someone off the track because they can't pass, have just been passed or most commonly because they are bored and want to ruine other peoples races or (as a cheater most likely would say) because they can.

    Just thourght maybe making the game change the car infront so if you carry a set amount of speed into a braking zone the car in front automatically becomes a ghost car so the cheater goes straight through them without effecting the other guy's race. This again only fixes one part of the problem and even then it doesn't fix it completely because a cheater can slow for a corner and then speed up to ram you.
  13. Ban those from playig online for a set amount of time if they recieve so many penaulties

    So someone brake checks me, I get the penalty for supposed ramming and get kicked for some amount of time. Codemasters has to think of a way to program this behavior out of the game. It so obvious when it happens I find it hard to believe it can't be programed to be recognized for what it is.
  14. just a avg driver, I've learned just turn the table dont hit them if they want to play cat and mouse , bring it on. you can get around with min. effort, then they leave good for laugh or two.
    happy racing
  15. Today I had 2 guys "brake check" me, which I should have known better than to be directly behind them.... the one thing I hate is when you are passing someone on a long straight, the person you are passing just by being faster than them decides to ram you into the wall, and they get to keep going like nothing happened, it happened like four times and its very annoying because I get frustrated and I catch myself driving like an ******* just like them....
  16. This has been my experience on F1 2010 online for today:

    I start a race at Hockenheim. Quali + 20% race. Second position in quali. Secured the first position in the third lap. Failed to notice I was driving the Force India so got stuck because of the pit lane bug.

    Second race, Silverstone. Got hit by someone who thought driving in the wrong direction might be fun. Car destroyed.

    Third race, Melbourne. Started third, got hit buy a few rammers at the first corner. Ended up in the dirt, lost my front wing, got penalty for 'causing a collision' (the AI's interpretation of braking to get through a corner). Even with that disadvantage I managed to drag it back to the pit lane, get my front wing changed, catch the lead driver again (worst drivers ever), got brake checked by him - penalty for causing a collision.

    Last race, Hockenheim again. Wet race, 30% length. 6 Other players, all about the same skill level. Constantly fighting for lead position, good defensive driving, no ramming into eachother, clean overtakes, one of the best races I've played in a while. My hands are still shaking because of the excitement :) and that's why I love this game!
  17. I like to follow the rams and force them into mistakes because a cheater will pay more attention to whats behind them then whats in front and most of the time for me at least the rammers have been trying to barge past people because its a 3 lap race, so following them close but not to close behind and then throwing them a dummy helps break there consantration and at some point they will out brake them selves and spin after clipping a apex to hard or running to high on the curbs. However if they are close to someone ahead of them then i will keep pace with them but not put them under to much pressure under braking in case they hit the other car ahead.

    My experience online today was sad, a 4 race championship with each race been 3 laps (would have liked a longer championships and more pas but don't see them very often). Silverstone i hung back off the line knowing that into the first few corners there would be contact and 4 our of the 11 cars didn't crash out in the first corner and a few ran wide in the first of the fast corners (the s shaped corners turn 2 throughy to 5 i think). I was rammed off the track as i passed one guy. Monaco the same, someone rammed me from behind and then swerved from side to side to stop people from passing. Out of about 12 to 13 races i won 2 all the rest there was no chance with so many willing to do anything to gain just a single spot let alone win the race.

    The most injoyable race (apart from the 2 i won) was the Brazilian grand prix, i finished 3rd and knew i had no chance in challanging for 2nd place but i manmaged to keep the gap bellow 4 seconds, those kind of races you just wish there was more laps, you don't care what your position is you just know you are giving it all you can with the current setup and a little later on the brakes will mean running wide. But for me its back to practising with no assists on.
  18. Easiest solution is to do organsied races. Never had a bad race online (purely by luck) but most of my races are organised ones anyway. It would be very hard for CM to distingush between a rammer with intent & someone who is just crap at driving.

    My 1st online race I went ploughing though everyone at T1, it looked bad, but I just got it wrong. In qualy for Hockenheim league race, I nearly took out another racer, I wasnt on hotlap & was staying out of the way, but I totally fogot to brake (long straight - hairpin).

    I think anyone from here who has raced me will tell you I am a fair clean racer... just totally crap at it tho!
  19. The thing that gets me about these people is that when I go to give them bad rep, they've almost always got 5 stars, just makes me think there must be a load of a$$hats sitting round patting each other on the back for being morons.
  20. last week raced in 20% melbourne on the xbox...i donĀ“t want to say that i am ayrton senna of online racing... but i'm fairly good... mostly because i practice a lot in every track... and also a very clean racer. ok so start the race got rammed in the first corner, got over it try to catch with the others, manage to win a couple of positions, reach 3rd... and somehow i didn't gain nothing between 2nd and me. pitt early, wait for them to change tyres. catch up leaders and........ OMG they were bypassing 9 -10 turns!!! and to my surpise on the last lap the 4th overtake me there and he didnt recieve a penalty... he didn't brake right for 13 turn (like the little a***ole he was) and regain my 3rd place. online racing is the worst... mostly. sometimes when god and zeus decide that you can have a good couple of days, they will team you up with some nice online racers... but most days it's just major BS...