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Online and Lan not working

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by rayman55, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I am on win7 64, I cant play the game online boot in my lan or internet: i can enter in a online game, but on the starting grid my pc hang and i have alt-tab it. F1 executable has stop working , i have to terminate the program.

    I try all i can think:
    Fresh install, no mod
    Disable Firewall, windows defender
    Open port TCP - UPN on firewall

    In single game all is OK
    Any ideas?

    P.S. i have the same problem on my 2 PC at home
  2. If you use a router, it sounds like that could be your problem. Can you cut the router out of the loop and connect your PC directly to the internet and see if that works?

    I tried all the things you have mentioned, and it wasnt until i changed my router that i was able to get the game working online.
  3. Hi Paul,
    I have the same problem in lan with my 2 pc connect directly via cable , no router!!

    PS: Race On, Iracing, Rfactor , all works well online and lan
  4. Strange, I've just had this exact thing happen to me this morning - never had any problems before.
    I am currently reinstalling completely, via Steam.

    Will let you know how I get on once its finished downloading and is patched up.

  5. IIRC, those games you mentioned use dedicated servers, whereas F1 uses a host via a lobby - which is different.
    I was never able to play COD MW2 or F1 2010 due to them using 'lobbys' - All other online games worked fine for me, like those other ones do for you.

    When I upgraded my broadband to 50mb I got a free N-type router, so I binned my old Netgear router, and bang - F1 started to work. I rent a room and my friends PS3 wouldnt connect to game lobbys, but after the router change - it did. So it obviously wasnt a PC setting, it was the network hardware.
    My old Netgear router did not have UDP, whereas the new D-Link router does - so maybe that is the issue.

    Regarding your local LAN attempts, I may be wrong, but I dont think you can play a LAN game with 2 PCs connected directly together. You needed some form of switch/hub/router between the machines - this could be why you are getting similar failures in both your LAN and Internet games.

    Can you explain a little more detail how your network is set up please?
  6. Paul, first off all, thanks for reply
    When i tried the game to work in lan i connect my 2 pc in this way: one cable in network adapter of PC1 to switch, PC2 connect via cable to that switch.
    My modem router is a Cisco ADSL N2 http://www.linksysbycisco.com/IT/it/products/WAG120N, Upnp activated, firewall disabled.
    PS3 and XBOX360 online, internet, local network, all work ok, except F12010!!
    With F12010 , i can go online, i can partecipate to a race but, in the starting grid my screen hang and i have to ctrl+alt+canc my pc and i see the windows message "F1 2010 executable has stop working......
    what you think?

    Sorry for my terrible english..
  7. Dont apologise for your english, its much better than my Italian!

    The game crashing like that sounds like the sort of thing a mod would cause - happened to me with perfect cockpit v7 - BUT you say it is a vanilla install, so now i am baffled!
    It is unlikely that network problems would cause a game crash, so im out of ideas.

    Last thing i can think of - Is the game via Steam? If so 'verify integrity of game cache' to make sure the files are all ok.
  8. No, the game is on CD.
    I will try to reinstall , but, as i said before, i am alredy on new install .
    Maybe delete registry items and GFWL account can help.
    I let you know if work.
  9. Just a quick update.

    Did a full steam uninstall and reinstall.
    Went online and patched up.
    Applied CM's puddle fix.

    And woohoo, puddles, dry line and rubbering in - at higher fps than what I had before.
  10. Good luck.