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One year in - My impressions

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Knorpp, May 14, 2013.

  1. I joined rF2 open beta one year ago and wanted to share my thoughts about rF2 in general but also about mods and tracks since I have just completed some pruning of my installed mods and, especially, tracks as number has grown large and there are mods and tracks that I simply am never going to bother with.

    The depth of the rF2 experience is also part of this as I don't find myself in need of so much new content as I am content to run many of the best tracks over and over since no two laps are the same because of the physics detail and dynamic conditions.

    I'd like to begin by talking about track quality:

    ISI tracks - While some tracks have issues or issues pop up from builds, etc. ISI tracks will all most likely be excellent quality IMO. I must, however disclose that I personally don't require perfect graphics and am blissfully ignorant of lighting technology, etc. and want to stay that way :). Having said that, however, graphics bugs or excessively ugly or poorly-converted tracks will ruin immersion for me so I will comment on those below. ISI's tracks will undoubtedly exceed my needs as long as bugs are worked out.

    VLM tracks - Sebring, Mid-OH and Topeka are all excellent, immersive & popular. Not sure if there are others. VLM continues to have a very strong reputation for quality.

    Feels3 tracks - Feels3 is literally an artist and it shows in his tracks, which are incredibly beautiful. His completed tracks include Croft, Putnam Park & Poznan and he is currently working on Interlagos and what appears to be a stunning fantasy track Blackwater Lake.

    Tuttle - The Top Gear test track is stunning. Tuttle now works for ISI which is great.

    Good conversions of rF1 tracks - I'm bundling these together although there are multiple developers. Tracks include Orchard Lake, Imola, British GP, Essington, Lienz, Toban, Barcelona and Oran Park. It must be mentioned that Toban and especially Lienz are standouts IMO as exceptionally beautiful and involved much effort beyond conversion. Other tracks are more basic but very solid and largely bug-free and immersive.

    Euskotracks - These are fantasy tracks with great layouts which is a shame because they are so ugly. One incredible standout is Tres Millas, which is still being developed but is clearly on another level that I hope is an indicator of what is to come. I can only dream that Euskotracks will retrofit existing tracks with Tres Millas-quality graphics.

    Other good tracks - Botniaring, Bahrain, Pukekohe Park 2013, Texas World Speedway, Motorsports Ranch, Hidden Valley, Mountain Forest, Snetterton, some of the DTM conversions & Sears Point.

    Horrible tracks to avoid - 70s conversion tracks, especially u.s. gp. The only thing worse than these tracks is the modern Watkins Glen which is simply unplayable. People who run these tracks are simply desperate to run these particular tracks, regardless of condition. There are surely many more so best way to be safe is focus on tracks which are good and download others at your own risk.

    The good news is that rF2's depth and dynamics keeps tracks fresh and a constant stream of low-quality mods are simply unnecessary for me at least because I don't find myself getting bored like I have with past sims.

    I apologize if I mix up conversions vs. scratch-built vs. something in-between. Also, there are tracks that I have not tested which are not in the above.

    Regarding mods:

    60s cars - Excellent. My primary car is Spark F2. I can instantly cure any track that is boring with that car by pulling out the Spark F1. 60s F3s are also great and incredibly popular.

    Skip Barber - Excellent. Easily one of the most convincing mods if not THE most convincing.

    Lola - Excellent. Still in development so model, FPS, etc. tweaks needed but incredible nonetheless.

    Modern open wheel & high downforce - No comment as I don't drive.

    None of the others have held my interest, although I will say that the new Clio and old 370Z physics are decent. Unfortunately, the tire sounds completely ruin the immersion on these and others also.

    Regarding sim in general, I believe it is coming together but only time will tell if too slowly. ISI definitely knows physics but is very immature regarding software development, project management & most certainly relationship management. Without a doubt, this product would not have had a prayer without community feedback and despite that there will be both gaping holes and design elements that couldn't be worse if you tried. Fortunately, none of that changes the fact that rF2 has made all other sims irrelevant to me :).
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  2. Since there are now so many tracks coming available, I also want to be selective with which tracks to drive, so agree with you there. I also have a lot of tracks no longer installed. I guess better quality in general with community will come with time, when people get adjusted to the new techniques.
  3. You must be playing a different game to me chap as the Skip car is a total pile on my version!
  4. Absolutely and fortunately there is support to be had and those who have taken advantage of it have produced some good stuff so that is encouraging.
  5. Well we all have different preferences and experiences with each car, we all have the same game though:) I actually think that almost all cars are brilliant, or at least very good which I drove enough laps with to get used to the type of car and how to drive it properly. (and just using default setups). Not knowing how those car drive in real life it's very hard for me to say if ISI has done a good job. But when they announce a car to be licensed, I watch onboard movies on youtube of those cars how they are driven in real life. Funny enough for my experience it always seems to match up when they release the car how they should be driven.
    But I did had to learn how to drive again to get this opinion and it took a few moths to be up to speed, GSC was the only game I played recently, even if that is a brilliant game, the extra elements of racing(realroad, tyres etc) together with the more defined physics makes Rfactor2 for me a completly different game, in my opinion not even fair to compare different games (and cars that comes with those games) with each other. With GSC is just go as hard as you can, where Rfactor2 has more elements to driving, and I have to be thinking how to drive the car the best way to have the fastest race for me. (taking care of tyres, be a little bit slower but making more laps with one set of tyres etc).
    But in the end it's normal that everyone has different opinions opinions about the games and content especialy as everyone has to imagine how cars are driven in real life, and how it furfills his own expectation when he/she playes it in game, and that is just fine:) I think it's just funny that the opinions seems to be so black and white at times, one finding it absolute crap, and other ones find it utterly brilliant(like me:D ).
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  6. Rob....that car won't tolerate bad sim driving.
    It won't allow you to brake late, so you either have to get it right or brake early, also you must steer this car under throttle in many instances.

    I found myself doing a WTF the first time I drove it, but it's actually a pretty decent car, although isn't my cup of tea as most slow cars aren't.
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  7. C
    Care to elaborate? What is it about the car that you don't like or believe is inaccurate?
  8. WTF moment - that pretty much sums up my first try with the Skippy as well. I looped it several times in the first corner - probably even before the first corner. :)
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  9. Lol do you work fir ISI by any chance!
  10. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    this might help ;)

    can you do 19.03 yet?
  11. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    great book too is available on amazon and...i don't work for skip barber lol
  12. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

  13. Nevermind I can see you are not sincere. Your loss.
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  14. Nice Video - thanks for posting it. It's interesting to get the pro drivers thoughts and strategy while running a race session. I think my initial issue with the Skippy in rF2 was due to expecting it to drive just like the one in iRacing. Once I get used to it - it'll be fine.
  15. Excellent attitude, RaceNut, and I expect you'll be glad you stuck with it. I'd like to hear how you are getting on with it after some experience.
  16. I recently uninstalled all mods and am only running with updated components. I'll wait until the new version of the Skippy is available along with the new rF2 build.
  17. I really like the Skippy. I've even gone back to treaded tyres as I found the slicks were far too stable :laugh:
  18. Interesting. Didn't know they were planning SB update.
  19. I always run the street tires. Keeps me on my toes!