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one shader missing in btb packer

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. hello piddy you seem to missed a shader in btb xpacker.
    difuse.spec.add.mult which is kind of important to the grass area.would this be incorprated later on.or is this not necessary.i've being hunting on simed for bits & pieces.

    shader: difuse t1+difuse t2+difuse t3+spec
    diffuse t1=grass.dds
    spec= grass_s.dds
    diffuse t2=grass_adda.dds
    diffuse t3=grass_mult.dds

    will btb xpacker supported most shaders. including dx7,dx8 ?
  2. in 3DSM the gmotor2 tools have tons of shaders (for dx9 at least). i had always wondered why they weren't in BTB. I do appreciate that BTB has taken away the necessity/hassle of individually determining materials for dx7/8/9 though. of course not all the shaders are present on the lower dx levels, so maybe on a per material basis there could be a 'manual' option where we could get in there and have a fiddle?

    i was interested in trying specular map t1 mul t2 add t3 on roads, or at least anything where i could have a spec and mul map together to break up the repetition and still have specular sunlight reflections.

    since it looks like BTB might be using gmotor rendering soon, are we going to see all the shader options? Piddy didn't say what the 'update sep 09' was about, so i used the 1000 words the picture suggested to me.
  3. well i was looking at mills short, which does seem to support dx7/8 texturing. so i began to think, could this be a problem for releasing tracks without the dx7/8 settings included.and kind of lost the idea of helping myself to some of the objects & textures, and started to look at the materials of mills.has i seem to have alot of problems with keeping my background texture,working on rfactor at the moment.where the texture suddenly refuse to load after me re-editing/fixing problems the track in btb.and re exporting to rfactor.the background becomes corrupt/or unuseable