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One Man's View from the States!

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Stevor Compton, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Stevor Compton

    Stevor Compton

    Hello all!
    This is just my view on Forza: In the interest of full disclosure I am the recently promoted Moderator of the Forza
    Forum at world-racers.com a small stateside & UK based community of mature racers with members in the EU,Canada and NZ. Please stop by and say hello! There's a lot of good FM4 info that I and other members have found. It could be worth it to stop by as the FM.net forums are rather unruly to find info in sometimes.(JMHO)

    I've had FM4 since 10/10/11 and ATM am at Level 52. Let me preface this by stating that I am a fan of the Forza series more for it's breadth than it's driving physics which were good but frustrating and to be completely honest were certainly surpassed by GT5 (yes I do own a PS3 as well!)

    Those of you with smaller HD's would do well to clear HD space as if you are to DL to your HD it comes in at a whopping 11 Gig! Installation is a breeze and you can choose to transfer FM3 info or not if you do you start with some of the cars from your garage and 60,000cr. You may start (must run an opening race) the game and get to the main menu where you may then install disc2 to your HD 2.7Gig. Let's skip to the stuff you want to know really!

    Let's start with
    Credits: They come fast and easy as do cars DO NOT spend Cr's for car's or upgrades to begin! This part is just TOO easy you will see why rapidly. Just trust me on this! You will rarely use the Auction House and it really has taken a beating in this version in my opinion if this was the way you earn Cr before I doubt it will be the cash cow it once was but I may be wrong it's hard to tell how The Forza economy will work. These little caveats said let's get more to the meat!

    Physics: You will be hard pressed not to say this is a HUGE improvement over over FM3! As you probably noticed in the demo these cars grip the road though they breakaway more realistically than any other console game made to this point IMHO! There will always be a difference of opinion on this but to my senses FM4>GT5 Just seems better to me! Doubt you will be disappointed!

    Audio: GLORIOUS!! As one reviewer said "Still, Forza 4 doesn't just look and feel better, it sounds better too. Turn the music down and the volume up, up until you can only communicate with other people in the same room by shouting – or perhaps blinking in Morse code. That's the sweet spot. The older cars sound the best. The howl of a D-Type Jag will rattle your nipples off, and if the snarl of a 351 Cleveland V8 in Forza 4 can't bring Steve McQueen back from the dead nothing can. I have little to add except I agree!

    SP: The admitted slog that was the SP of FM3 has been replaced, modified with an elegant interface with options that are dynamic as they change based on the current car you are driving and you have 3 options as to where to go and class of car to use. A+ (what exactly can you change to the basic progression of a driving game and not jog the sensibilities of those that have followed your franchise?)

    Rivals: Easily one of THE best features and a good way to earn cash! As the co-founder of our community (and a FM4 skeptic!) Drafter24 said "The Rivals mode is about the coolest thing I've ever seen in a racing game. And it's practically unlimited. Even if you beat your friends times, you can still compete against the world. Great game. Something for everyone that gives even a rats ass about racing or just cars in general." Enough said except he also said Rivals alone was worth $60!

    Online: 16 player rooms! Well, this is dicey as even 8 player would lag at times in FM3. I've been in 15 player rooms that were quite stable BUT as this is Peer to Peer your experience can be (as always) governed by the lowest common denominator! This is not a fault of the game! The infrastructure in each area (community) varies as do upload speeds so we should all work to get the best connection possible when enjoying our online racing passion.

    Interface: Brilliant in it's simplicity and quite elegant! I would do disservice to it to even make a comparison to another game on any console.

    Top Gear: Rendered beautifully! Though there are some bowling challenges I could do without that you must go through in SP, not a deal breaker though, as you pass through to the next thing even if you fail!

    Graphics: How could the one thing that struck me most about the demo at first bootup end up at the bottom of my overview? I guess it's because the gameplay is SO good and the graphics so devilishly nearly perfect you don't even think about it after a week of looking at it you just take it for granted I don't know better how to put it!

    Fun Factor: Well, in the end this is the reason I play games at all, to have FUN! I just don't know how you could NOT find something that YOU find fun! I've not laughed this much in an online game in months possibly years, Though I guess it depends on your mate's reaction to squeezing him into a wall or some such vile thing! If you have friends like I do you just laugh and go about your race.Hopefully he says I'm sorry if not you give him the Chrome Horn!

    Conclusion: Buy it! NOW! If your arse cheeks don't pucker chasing a Rivals lap around LeMans in a Pug 908 with in car view (all done nearly flawlessly!) you have no business calling yourself a racing fan!

    Oh, and yes, I know this is NOT a racing game as there's no qualy and no real pitstops! Though it sure feels like a racing game to me! There is SO much, I can't cover it all it would take pages and pages and I'm quite sure I'd miss something. Oh, I forgot to add my age not that it matters much but I Just turned 60! Cheers all and hope I gave you a feel for the game!

    Please again stop by and say Hi at www.world-racers.com

    PS forgot about the Car Club! Sharing cars means again less reason to buy them yourself! Brilliant! FM4 CarClub: WorldRacers

    PPS or whatever! This overview is meant to try to payback RD for my link at WR's to your F1 setups pages and info! Cheers Again, Thanks for your help! Peace Stev (only my mother and my wife, when they're pissed at me, call me Stevor)
  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    So true. :)
  3. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne Thomas

    A nice read - thanx for that Stev
  4. Stevor Compton

    Stevor Compton

    I should clarify HD space requirements 11gig total with game installed to HD! Launch Car pack and Track pack must be installed to some kind of storage device and weighs in at 2.7 Gig. Didn't want those with an arcade machine to freak out! Stev
  5. Dazmaniac


    I do like the racing genre, whether it be PC or console (PSX/PS2/PS3), but as of yet an XBOX is something I don't own. Seriously looking at getting one (along with Forza 4) as from what I have read in reviews and seen in vid clips, the title looks really good.

    Nice write-up on the game/sim Stev. I guess the Rivals part of the game is Turn 10's take on the Autolog that was introduced in NFS: Hot Pursuit and futher tweaked in Shift 2: Unleashed.

  6. Stevor Compton

    Stevor Compton

    @ Daz It is, but not as intrusive as it's in game only! Not constantly bombarded w/ messages on XBL which I personally hated!