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Onboard videos?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ben Saylor, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Are there any good videos that show onboard laps of the tracks in the Stock series? For some of the tracks I am following the AI but would love to see some onboard laps since these are not common "USA" based tracks.
  2. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

  3. I'm trying to get faster at Caruaru in the V8 stock cars but I cannot get below a 1.27.9. The AI when I race at 95% is pulling 1.26.5's and faster? They get off the hairpin and other corners so much faster than I can. I'm looking for an onboard lap or two here to see where I'm messing up. I think I have the line down and have gotten to the point I can kill the AI on 105% in the 70's cars and the Mini's.
  4. Nox

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    The AI isn't consistent over all tracks. What I mean is 100% difficulty may be perfect at one track, and too slow another, and too fast another. I think the best way is to find the % that matches you for that car/track combo and go with that. Sometimes the AI can do stuff you can't like getting out of corners at ridiculously faster speeds than should be possible, but others they may be slower going into corners, etc, so I'd not worry too much about that.
  5. Yeah I tend to use a difficulty range of 90% up to 110% depending on the car track combo. ;)
  6. Are there any sites where I can see what the real cars run? I'd like to see what the real onboard laps look like. I feel like 90% is to slow but that is where I'm at in the V8's. The AI on other tracks I've tried just seems to be able to rocket off the corner in a way I just cannot.
  7. Nox

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    You could search YouTube.
    Also, try the Brazil Stock Car website here: http://www.stockcar.esp.br/
    You can click on the calendar, and on an event that has taken place for more info including a race edit, etc. e.g. http://www.stockcar.esp.br/Etapas/2014/03/23/interlagos--sp
    Doesn't look like they are at all the tracks from the game though (No Caruaru, for example)
    You may also find some clips on http://globotv.globo.com/

    Best I can find unfortunately, it's not an easy series to watch internationally though I'd happily watch it.
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