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onboard camera moving up and down

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by tiko90, May 7, 2015.

  1. hello,

    does anyone know where the option is to disable that the camera moves up and down when you go up or down a hill? this is super annoying when driving with a wheel .. i just can not seem to find the option to disable it anywhere :/ in assetto corsa this option was call lock camera to horizon .. thanks
  2. Good question, there is a "G-force" reaction slider but I'm not sure that helps.

    Every time I go down the quarkscrew at Laguna Seca I'm looking at the roof :/
  3. i tried to set all the sliders on 0 .. nothing helped .. i know how you feel, it is so annoying when the camera goes up and down
  4. Problem solved, thread can be closed - Solution: put Worldmovement on 100 .. than the camera stays static .. makes no sense tough .. should be static on 0 :D
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  5. And that explains it! I kept dropping by 10 and little did I know I was making it worse :p