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Misc Onboard Cam Mod 1.0

Better shakes and movement

  1. hazy submitted a new resource:

    Onboard Cam Mod - Better shakes and movement

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  2. Upgrade version ?? No video this time ?? :whistling:
  3. No, they told me to re upload it cause I did something wrong. Can't you see the video ?
    In term of "look to apex" feeling this is the best I can do but try it if you haven't already because there is some other good stuff in this mod.
  4. The video i see is still the old one that is 3 days ago. I thought you will make a new video for this upgrade mod. But its ok if not.
    By the way the "look to apex" is the one that interest me most but i dont see any different in that video so i think i wait for now, may be its easier to make it happen after v1.0 is released :whistling:
  5. Same video cause this is the same mod, no upgrade just re upload.

    The "look to apex" bit is just a bonus, I know that it's what you're after but try the mod as it is. When you play you can see the "almost look to apex" much better then on that video.
  6. "Don't use the in game View setting," - it'll overwrite .ini files and remove changed setting, or sth?