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On-The-Fly Wing adjustments

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by t.o., Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Ok guys help me here. I'm on a long straight tearing it up and I notice I have on-the-fly wing adjustments. But what am I too set them to in order to gain more speed? Can I gain more speed? What settings in the garage would make using the on-the-fly useless if such a thing is possible.
  2. On the straight you put the wing down, you have only a couple of adjustments per lap.
  3. So I use the negative adjustment you're saying.
  4. I am using a gamepad on my pc, all I have to do is select Wing then I push down for the adjustment. Your engineer should mention it while you’re on track if he feels you need to use it. I believe the default is on fast.
  5. Ahhh ok. My engineer doesn't tell me anything. Guess I don't need it then. Thanks for the help
  6. Just finished the Spanish Grand Prix, I use the fast (negative) wing just as I hit the main straight, then at the end I push up (positive) wing for the first corner, it feels like I can take the corners just that bit tighter, I leave it that way till I turn the last corner.
  7. I use the wing adjustments in race, depending on how the car is reacting to tire wear and fuel burning off. It's really usefull to keep a consistent pace throughout a race.
  8. I use the wing adj. like Herp. When the tires wear, i restore the grip using the wing by having it up. There is a difference. However, if you already have a lot of front wing to begin with, you will notice a loss of speed if you don't bring it down on the straights. I think you can make three adjustments per lap (up, down, up or down, up, down). Your engineer does tell you that you have it up and that you could benefit if you bring it down on the straights. He won't tell you to put it up.