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Sell OMP Superturismo with Sam Maxwell Shifters for Thrustmaster

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Andre Dietzel, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Andre Dietzel

    Andre Dietzel

    After switching to an OSW wheel I am selling my OMP Superturismo (320mm) including a custom made Sam Maxwell button plate and shifting paddles.

    It was the first Superturismo Sam ever customized and the design is influenced by the 997 GT3 Cup car and the Polo R WRC.

    The wheel is in very good condition - of course it has some signs of wear -, is working perfectly and is 100% compatible to the Thrustmaster wheel bases. The adapter is missing a little bit of plastic but that has no influence on the function at all.

    Pricing is 320 Euro plus shipping. The original price was more than 500, though.

    IMG_3247.jpg IMG_3249.jpg IMG_3248.jpg IMG_3251.jpg
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  2. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    This looks so good! Shame that the price is so high but thats not your fault
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  3. Andre Dietzel

    Andre Dietzel

    Sold to Andrew, thanks!