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omg i want to kill this stupid engineer

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gonira, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. wtf, i got a podium finish in the last race and i already regret it.

    "what a good result last race, let's try to better it this weekend. what a good result last race, let's try to better it this weekend. what a good result last race, let's try to better it this weekend".

    he just doesn't stop saying the same line over and over. omg, he said it again while i was writing this. and the stupid speech about copying my teammate setup (which isn't possible, btw). if i just got the best time in all three sectors in the last lap and i'm running slow coming back to the pits, he says "sebastian is way faster than you, let's copy his setup". pfffff. no words to describe how poor is the engineer dialog in this game. most of the time pointless and innacurate, and all the time repetitive. just look at how good and full of variety commentary is in games like fifa and nba. codemasters is so lazy, just try to make speech with some variety next year, and try to make it helpful, because in f1 2010 it is not.

  2. does he seem to fanticise about ferrari because in my game he fancies them i could be mid field ferrari in first and he would tell me every little detail they are doing ferrari are coming in for a pit? i dont care their ten seconds ahead i wont get them by the time they get out of the pits so **** off i would love if CMs gave you the option of kicking his ass in the pits like a little mini game and i have got that we had a good resullt one soooooooooo many times
  3. lol yea its always ever Ferrari for me too normaly if he is feeling chatty in a race its;

    1. Massa/Alonso should be pitting in (x) number of laps.
    2. Ferrari are getting ready for a pitstop.
    3. Massa/Alonso has just pitted
    4. They have fitted Prime/Option tires to Massa/Alonso's car maybe hes going for a longer stint
    5. One of the Ferrari mechanics has just gone to the bathroom.
    ...ok maybe that last one is made up :rolleyes:
  4. finished my first season tonight. abu dhabi is so beautifully modeled, i feel a little bad for calling the developers lazy, drawing these tracks must be a hell of a work.

    my agent was saying since brazil that toro rosso would be firing me at the end of the season, but they actually offered me the first driver's seat. inconsistencies all around... i went to sauber, anyway. ugliest car in the field. :(
  5. :O I loved my Sauber lol
  6. never went to sauber force india was calling me night and day lol
  7. i just signed with ferrari and guess what the engineer still says "ferrari are coming into the pits repeat one of their drivers are coming into the pits" is he really that stupid im on the ferrari team dummy
  8. when I was with Sauber a few races last season he said stuff like "were slower than Sutil in Sector...." I wasnt even in ForceIndia and hadnt picked him as a rival lol
  9. he goes on about ferrari for me as if im on a different team hilarious what a joker this guy is ha ha