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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Jonathan Schneider, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. I figued I get this up nice and early so it will (hopefully) be in the works almost as soon as F1 2011 is released later this month.

    Could someone make me a Ferrari skin for the Toro Rosso car and a McLaren skin for the Ferrari. It doesn't have to be perfect, just relatively close to the 2011 livery.

    Strange, I know. I plan to use the McLaren model for my own custom car (I'm decent at making fictionals, but I can't replicate real cars with any sort of skill), Toro Rosso is unnecessary (2 Red Bull teams aren't needed) and I just plain don't like Ferrari. :mad:

    If anyone is willing and able to do this for me, please PM me. I will owe you a simulation beer.


    So, now that the game's out, anybody up for this? I looked at the Ferrari skin layout and my brain nearly exploded by trying to figure it out. Of course the one that's a jumbled mess is the one I want edited most.
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    If you have a nice idea for a mod, please post it here and don't make separate threads for it as they will be closed
  3. I request a tool to decompress BinXML in Txt :) I made a request to Fergo already. Hope he'll be ok. Need to make better cockpit cams.
  4. M@gik

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Could you inform us if one or more mods for download are tolerated by Valve on Steam or not multiplayer in each presentation.
    To avoid unpleasant surprises ... thank you.
  5. Well.. mods are hardly avoidable to MP. If any mod can be on MP, then they all can. If they want to avoid that, no mod at all would work.
    By "intelligence" a mod that tweak physics or car specs should be banned from MP. Mods that tend to try to improve visual aspect of the game should be ok. ( But this won't work like that I think )
  6. Well, last year there were some parts of the game that were checked if you went online. So you could race online with modded visuals (liveries, weather ...) but not with modded AI files or "sticky curbs".
  7. We know that the Force India car will have plain side walls with no sponsor ads because they are all alcohols. So, how about a mod creating the original 2011 car like in the F1 2010-2011 total conversion mod ?
  8. I am excited to see the HD skins for the cars that are created this year!

    Will there be another look to apex mod like last year? (i think it was part of a camera mod?)
  9. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Ryder PSSG Editor

    version 1.8.2011.0924 (1.8.1)
    This program will allow you to open PSSG files in the Dirt/Grid/Dirt 2/F1 2010/Dirt 3/F1 2011 games.


    • Export/Import Textures/CubeMaps -- Lets you export any texture from the PSSG to dds and back.
    • Export/Import All Textures -- Lets you export/import all the textures from the PSSG at once.
    • Add/Remove Texture -- Now you can add and remove new textures in the PSSG.
    • Preview -- Lets you see any texture from the PSSG before you have to export.
    • DDS Conversion -- Complete dds conversion that lets you change many things such as format, resolution, and mip maps.
    • Open With -- Allows you to choose "Open With" and select this program to open PSSG.

    • 1.0.2010.1030
      • First Release
    • 3.0.2010.1031
      • Fixed Major Bug that would destroy pssg files when importing new files
      • Added support for games Grid and Dirt 2
    • 1.3.2010.1128
      • Added support for more pssg files (interior, RainBeads_textures, sky)
      • Changed the way I do versions
    • 1.4.2010.1204
      • Added support for ALL PSSG FILES
      • Redesigned Everything
    • 1.5.2010.1206
      • Added Preview Area for TEXTURE sections
      • Import any section, not just TEXTURES (For the Advanced)
      • Made it faster for you to work with the program
    • 1.6.2010.1217
      • Redesigned UI For Easier Texture Editing
      • Added Export All Textures function
      • Fixed Open With function
    • 1.6.2010.1219
      • Fixed Export All Textures function
      • Automatically Selects a Section based on Selected Texture
    • 1.6.2010.1225
      • Fixed Bug where you could only edit the first pssg that you open
      • Improved Automatic Selection
    • 1.7.2011.0324
      • Greatly Improved Speed
      • New Feature: Add Texture
      • Texture Resolution changes are done correctly
      • Minor UI Changes
    • 1.7.2011.0524
      • Added support for Dirt 3 NOTE: This is a quick release with minimal testing, may need more work
      • Fixed error from having 0 mip maps
      • Fixed pssg size updater
    • 1.7.2011.0530
      • Fixed Bug that caused some PSSG files to be unopenable
    • 1.8.2011.0919
      • Rewrote most of the program based on Miek's PSSG base class
      • Removed support for most PSSGs modded by previous editor versions
      • Rewrote the DDS class for better conversions between textures and DDS files
      • New Feature: Export/Import Cubemaps, Remove Textures, Import All Textures
      • Improved UI, image preview
    • 1.8.2011.0924
      • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when editing textures

    • Ryder25 - For creating the program. (tasevp(at)yahoo(dot)com)
    • Miek - For writing a wonderfully designed PSSG class and allowing me to use and further improve it.
    • luh-koala - For creating icon and other graphics

  10. 1st Comment!

    Cant wait for the full striek of mods...its a great game, but it will mos def need some works!
  11. I made a (very basic and frankly crappy) custom Ferrari, but the game crashed when I started it up. I replaced the Ferrari folder with the backup files I kept and the game worked again. Is this a problem with the program, a problem with the Ferrari, or a problem with me?
  12. I would love a custom helmet. Maybe something like this, but with a Colorado state flag worked in on the top instead of the swiss flag?
    And my name somewhere maybe.
    If anyone's bored enough, I'd really appreciate it!

  13. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    [RDDev] PSSG Editor has been updated!

    A quick fix for dds files without mip maps.

    @Jonathan I edited the virgin myself and it seemed to work fine. Are you sure you used the proper settings the save the dds file with?
  14. I'm sorry, but what is the proper setting? I'm sure it was in the readme or somewhere, but I missed it.
  15. id be happy with HD skins for the cars/driver suits.. the dev's made the rest of the game very nice looking, but the suits and cars have so much aliasing in their logos and graphics, it really takes away from the awesome work.
  16. Can't add this program to 'Open with' when I click on a PSSG file. Any ideas? Also it is non responsive when I click file, open... nothing happens. Does this program need to alter windows colour scheme at all? Previous version worked fine for me but this one doesn't. Only think different since using last version is that ive installed a program called windowblinds which is a theme editor. It locks the windows colour display, i suspect this might be cause. Anyone else having troubles?
  17. cool
  18. b_player_helmets and b_nonpersistent pssg files, open helmets?

    any way to do it ?

    Ryder won't open ALL textures within ...

  19. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff Member

    Downloads: A new file has been added by RaceDepartment.com:

    F1 2011 Manual

    For PC users without a boxed game here is the manual of F1 2011 The Game
  20. Solved it, it was windowblinds locking windows 7 colour scheme and aero.
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