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Mods old sound file for Impreza group A 2015-10-19

old sound file for Impreza group A

  1. Why would you want a sound file that doesn't sound like the car you're driving??
  2. Someone on the steam forum wanted the file so I uploaded it just trying to help a fellow dirt rally fan out !!
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  3. Yes, thats correct. :) But it's not possible to get the old group a sound to work with the new Impreza WRC S7 sadly. I cant stand to drive this beauty with a group a sound. Thats why, it would be nice to get that car with the "old" group a sound. A little bit more like a wrc sound in my ear.

    Because, it seems to go slow to find and record a real S7 sadly.
  4. It is @astro83

    last post in this thread tells you how to do it...
  5. Yes indeed I figured it out in the end lol