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Old Racer downloads? Anywhere? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Mr Whippy, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a pretty good collection of old Racer versions but I was looking for something from around Autumn 2010, namely 0.8.23 or something around there.

    Will trade really old cars/tracks/racer versions if anyone wants any 2001-2003 vintage stuff haha :D

  2. Sorted it out with Dave :)
  3. Thanks for that Cosmo.

    It's amazing how far Racer came on since this release, just looking through the change log details makes for interesting reading.

    Well I've got PBR working here... almost haha. Just these pesky flipped normal maps if the UV are flipped... hmmm.

  4. What about 0.49? :) That was the first Racer version I tried...
  5. I'll have to check as I may still have it.
  6. I have 0.49 through to about 0.52b74 or so it seems. So about Jan 2002 to Dec 2004.
    I also have about 40 of the tracks from that era, along with maybe 100 cars too.

    And give or take, for the time, it was all pretty damn nice content!

    If anyone wants any give me a shout.

    Or I might just zip the entire lot up and throw it on Rapid Share or something. It's all original release stuff so I can't see an issue with re-distributing today in it's original form.

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  7. LoL, I joined later around the 8.10 version in 2009 from what I remember.
    Still driving on the super 0.8.39 version & I still love it !

    Mama mia, how much time do I will continue to like it ?
  8. I remember my first day at Racer... v0.50 Final, great days with Alpine!! Some time ago the v0.52 Beta 7 maybe? Yes!! Great moments on racer-xtreme.com, and i see that it's not working!!?? :(

    Today, with v0.90 RC9 not working properly on my ATI card, still on the "stable" v0.90 RC4, brrrr... Ruud, let's do a v0.90 Final!!
  9. Which was the version with the Ferrari (312?) as the default car?
  10. I think that was pre-0.5, the versions I remember had the Alpine A110, Spoon S2000, and then the current Murcielago.
  11. Yeah I remember a few versions with the Ferrari 312. They must be pre 049.

    It was amazing how much good content there was kicking around back then.

    Maybe we can get back to those days again sometime soon :D

  12. I don't exactly remember what version number I joined in on, but I do remember the Alpine A110 and the Spoon S2000. For some reason 0.56 sticks out in my mind. I also remember the 1970 Boss 302, and the 1969 Boss 429. I also remember the track SIR (Seattle International Raceway), and infact still have it, looks like Boomer did the shader on it, back in Oct 2004, as well as "Shader help & moral support from TheAlfaNut" lmao.

    Just remembering back then to now, its amazing really how far its come along.

    and Dave, when you said PBR, all I can think of is the beer lol.
  13. Harry,
    SIR - Seattle International Raceway was how I met TheAlfaNut thru Racer when he posted a note that he would like to have somebody make the track. I volunteered and we have become very good friends because of Racer. He lives a three hour drive away from my location and we get together at least once each year..

    I only had ever been to SIR once when I volunteered to do the track. I was there as an official for a race and walked the entire track so I knew what it looked like.

    The track is made accurate to within 6 inches from topo maps and other sources, took about six months to do it and I have continually updated it.

    It was a fun task an resulted in making a very good friend. Thanks Racer!
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  14. hello Mr Whippy, mdbobbo here in NZ, I've just bought a new computer and will be loading all my backups off disk soon, I'll keep you in mind and see what I have around that time and get back to you
  15. I think I'm ok for now Mdbobbo, Cosmo ended up having some great archive versions for me to reference.

    Thank you for the kind offer though :D

  16. Wow that's great because I got my laptop stolen and am starting from scratch now but have loaded some files that are unfortunately obsolete from old CD-Rom's
    it's all good I bought an all in one Acer aspire Z3 - 615 touch screen desktop with windows 8.1