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Old league threads (merged)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Daniel Ciglar, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Rules and general Information

    Time and Date

    The Races will be held at Sundays, 8 p.m. GMT+2 (7 p.m. British Time)

    Points System

    1st: 25 Pts
    2nd: 18 Pts
    3rd: 15 Pts
    4th: 12 Pts
    5th: 10 Pts
    6th: 8 Pts
    7th: 6 Pts
    8th: 4 Pts
    9th: 2 Pts
    10th: 1 Pt

    DSQ and DNF mean that you do not get any points, regardless of how many cars finish the race.

    The Format

    There will be a 15 minute qualifying session followed by the race itself. If you crash in the qualifying session you should stay in the lounge till the end. Find something to do in the meantime. The race distance is 100%.

    Driving Aids

    Braking assist – off
    ABS – on
    TC – allowed
    Driving line – off
    Gearbox – allowed
    Pit control – off
    Pit limiter - off

    General Rules

    Art. 1:

    All of you have got one vote for important discussions about changes for the league, if they are essential and important. So, if someone wants to throw somebody out of the league, or change other essential things, we will always make a poll. If we will reach a percentage of 50-50, we won’t change anything about the certain issue. We can add and change rules in a reasonable time with a majority of votes (50%+).

    The races will take place on Sunday, 8 p.m. GMT+2. If one of you cannot join us for whatever reason, the race will still be held. However, in special cases, we can also postpone a race, but the decision will be taken by me.

    If anyone suffers from connection problems before the Qualifying reaches the 5 minutes-limit, we will restart. In particular cases, we can also restart after the 5 minutes-limit, for example if one of the Championship-contenders disconnects before the decisive race. However, to avoid people from asking to restart after the middle of the race, the limit for those special restarts is 5 laps into the race.

    The cars we choose at the beginning of the season will remain our cars for the rest of it. However, if one of you can't take part in one of the races, a reserve-driver can take his place.

    No more than one move across the track to defend on straights.
    No excessive weaving when behind another car trying to overtake. Obviously a dummie move is fine but I don’t want 4 or 5 moves across the track.
    If you lock up try to miss any cars infront of you. Nothing worse than having your race ruined for this reason.


    Before we declare a penalty, we will adress a warning to the person involved. It’s like a yellow card, and he will be under closer investigation in the next races. If this person repeats this behavior next race, he will be punished with one of the four penalties.
    There are 4 types of penalties that can be given out after the race if there is something that happens which is seen as unfair, cheating or breaking the rules. They are:
    - Post race 10 seconds penalty
    - Post race 20 seconds penalty
    - Post race disqualification
    - Permanent ban from the series (if someone is blamed repeatedly for being unfair by the others even without real evidence for the stewards!!!)

    The people to decide about the penalties are: DaMsKoNL, mlrockets, Daniel Ciglar. If one of them is under investigation, or can’t join the race, the backup- steward LodestarNS350 will take his place.

    A penalty must be given until 12 p.m. (00:00 o’clock) on the day after the race. So if the race is on Sunday, the penalty must be declared until 12 p.m. on Monday. If the penalty is not declared until then, we take the offcial race result. You have to expect that in such cases I won’t be able to post the Championship standings until next days midnight.
    The penalty must be declared by one of the stewards with a personal message. The personal message must contain the reason for the penalty and the penalty itself.


    We will need at least 8 people to start a race. If there is any less the race will not start.
  2. So, this will be the thread for general things about our league.
  3. --------------------------------------------------------the wall-----------------------------------------------------------
  4. Name: Epiic_Viruss
    Team Mate : LodestarNS350
    Car Prefer : McLaren

    You did a good job , looks nice
  5. As you are a member of this group now, it would be appreciated, if you could share something about you with us. If you want to do that, just copy the things I listed and write down what you would like to share. It's not a must of course.:)

    Pad or wheel:
    Favourite driver:
    Favourite Team:
    Monaco or Spa:
    What I like besides F1:
    Favourite TV show:
    Favourite Food:
    Did you know about me that:
    General information:

    So, I'll start:

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 20
    Location: Austria
    Pad or wheel: Pad
    Favourite driver: Michael Schumacher, nowadays also Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso
    Favourite Team: Scuderia Ferrari
    Monaco or Spa: Spa
    What I like besides F1: Swimming, running, soccer (playing and watching), snooker
    Favourite TV show: Top Gear (I can't watch BBC-though), Married with Children
    Favourite Food: Italian and Chinese Food
    Did you know about me that: I am damn quick with a pad too :cool:
    General information: I'm male :tongue:
  6. Name: Martijn.
    Age: 16
    Location: Almere,The Netherlands
    Pad or wheel: Pad.
    Favourite driver: Fernando Alonso. (lots of respect for schumi,ham,kobayashi though)
    Favourite Team: Scuderia Ferrari.
    Monaco or Spa: wtf? Spa ofcourse!
    What I like besides F1: woman.
    Favourite TV show: Top Gear,The Dino Show,Beach Patrol.
    Favourite Food: a big rare hot peppered Steak!
    Did you know about me that: I'm funny,fast,deaf for 80% at both ears (heardevices) ,love F1,watersports and everything else with speed?
    General information: Male, some say he likes to milk austrian cows,some others say his biggest dream is to burn vettels finger,all we know he's called Lodestar!
  7. Ahhh, Lodestar, had a good laugh. :D

    Especially the general information thing lol, sounds good! You should use that as your signature.:cool:
  8. Name: Jeroen
    Age: 18
    Location: Geertruidenberg , (G-Town)
    Pad or wheel: Pad
    Favourite driver: Lewis Hamilton , Kimi Raikonen , Fernando Alonso
    Favourite Team: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
    Monaco or Spa: I like Monaco more but quicker on Spa. So Spa
    What I like besides F1: A McLaren that i gonna take the win
    Favourite TV show: F1, Jersey Shore, New Kids, Top Gear, Stoute meiden tv
    Favourite Food: Steak, Chinese ****
    Did you know about me that: Nobody can beat me on the highways?
    General information: ???
  9. Oh dumb me...

    What I like besides F1: Girls, Hardstyle, Partying, Driving motorbike, Swim, Fitness, Playing ps3.

    General information: McLaren rules!
  10. Actually,the Mclaren is a beautiful car .

    Ps: I'm the number one in the team..
  11. @Lode: That will be decided with the CS-standings of this season. + u will miss the next 2 races, so things could change *hint*
  12. McLaren is mine :)
  13. Name: Bryan
    Age: 15
    Location: Zoetermeer
    Pad or wheel: Pad
    Favourite driver: Lewis Hamilton,Kobayashi
    Favourite Team: Vodafone Mc Laren Mercedes
    Monaco or Spa: SPA
    What I like besides F1: earning money,sleeping,football,karting,listening to music,girls
    Favourite TV show: Psych,Family Guy,Married With Children,New Kids
    Favourite Food:pizza,Hamburgers,Burrito's
    Did you know about me that: I like gaming
    General information: i'm male, I wish mysticn die!!

    And if you dont know enough about me know then i will call die rooie uit gestel
  14. @lodestar you can have the number 1 car , but on the track you are by far not number 1 ;)
  15. Jeroen,we'll see. I will do everything do win so me and epiic can win the 'Mclaren'
  16. Why you want the McLaren so much?:p
  17. because epiic wants it,and I'm his teammember for next year. So i'll get it for him.
  18. Epiic fake McLaren fan
  19. im a fan of a driver who drives in it , so i have to be a bit mc laren fan ;)
  20. [​IMG]