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Old GTL Articles (merged)

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Ryan Callan, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Cooky & Team 21 have released a new preview video of their Opel Kadett C Coupe project for GT Legends, showing the car from a variety of perspectives in full racing action.

    Built from 1973 through 1979 by German auto maker Opel, the Kadett C was a popular car in several motorsport disciplines including hillclimbs, rally and road racing.

  2. Sure looks like a fun ride :D To bad the FOV has been set so high for the cockpit-view - makes it look a bit weird...
  3. Time to reinstall it seems:wink:
  4. looks good...bring back some nice memory..
    when can we expect new baby to come?
  5. distler14s9a.jpg
    Cooky & Team 21 have released some new previews of their Opel Kadett C Coupe project for GT Legends.

    Built from 1973 through 1979, the Kadett C was a popular car in several motorsport disciplines including hillclimbs, rally and road racing.
    heckz6yr.jpg 1o2gn.jpg 2x21j.jpg seitevu5f.jpg
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Jari Vinnari released another league movie of the RDHGP that was held this week on the lovely track of Mugello. This classic car league for GT Legends is organized by Stuart Thomson and is now half way the fourth season.

    Despite the age of the game, the league is attracting more and more competitive racers that want to compete against each other in a challenging league environment.

    If you are interested in joining this high quality GTL league as well. Click here to read all about it in RD Historic Grand Prix forum.

    Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello is situated (perhaps unsurprisingly) in the Mugello region of Tuscany, in northern Italy. Situated just 30km from Florence, it is surrounded by the Apennine watershed, which provides a varied and imposing landscape as a backdrop.

    Mugello is one of those circuits where, no matter what other challenges it can provide, its character is dominated by a single feature. Laguna Seca has the Corkscrew, Spa has Eau Rouge, Brand Hatch has Paddock, and Mugello has that enormously long, uphill, engine bursting, brake cooking, slipstream generating S/F straight. Ferrari use it as one of their F1 test tracks, and it regularly holds World SBK, Moto GP & DTM Championship events, only missing out on hosting the first A1GP race of the 2008/09 season due to delays with the car development.
    It has also run the Mugello Grand Prix since 1920 utilising multiple formulas, with some famous names being victorious – Depailler, Jabouille, Daly, Palmer, Zanardi and even Alfieri Maserati in 1922.

    Click here to find find the full list of results and standings of the RDHGP
  7. Another fantastic movie Jari, thanks :drool:
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Yes, big thumbs for both Jari and Stu!. Also some fantastic racing this season with this selection of cars.
    I feel pretty bad that i can't race on Thursday nights due to work. I hope to join the next season (S5) if possible.
  9. Mama mia! What a beautiful video once again from Jari 'Cameron' Vinnari
  10. Top quality stuff, grt video and some grt racing. Maybe I should get GT Legends....mmm
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The Carro is a ficticious car based on my ideas of a perfect car. It's highly inspired by 60's cars like Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and the race cars that competed in events like the Targa Florio.

    The car is a relatively lightweight midengined small car. As you can see in the picture below the wheelbase is 2.2m and the length of the car is about 3.5m. I must warn you now of the handling of the car, because the short wheelbase coupled with a 40:60 weight distribution makes this car quite a handful.


    The engine is 2L DOHC V12 with 4 valves per cylinder. It is quite oversquare, to make it withstand 12000rpm over longer periods. The torque curve, based on relatively simple but accurate CFD, is given in the graph below.

    Due to the spyder-design the aerodynamic drag is quite high on this car, but thanks to the rear bodywork some downforce is produced. The top-speed is therefore limited to around 250km/h. The drag and downforce figures are based on CFD which was also used to analyze the rideheight sensitivity and effect of loosing the rear wing(catastrophic:))

    The beautiful skins were created by Stuart Thomson
    All sounds, except my engine sounds, by Ducfreak

    Thanks to Stuart Thomson, Sam J. Simpson and Steven Palmer for skins, car setup and testing
    Thanks to Ducfreak for making his GT40 sounds available.

    Known issues as far as I can remember:
    -Weak engine sounds (I simply lack the experience and skill for this). Anyone got some V12 sounds they want to share?:)
    -LEDs not working
  12. Lovely work Knut, I look forward to trying it out.
  13. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thank you Knut and all the guys involved on it. It looks stunning. :p
  14. Jack Vos

    Jack Vos


    Sam told me a few weeks ago he was testing a little devil

    have to try this one

    thanks in advance guy's
  15. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz
    Happily driving a "girly" car

    Took it for a spin earlier today. You are right, it is quite a handful at first, but it has so much flexibility in the setup that there's absolutely no way anyone can say that they can't set it up to their driving style. I messed with the setup just a little and got it to be extremely predictable and docile. Lovely little car.

    Great work Knut and all who were involved!!!
  16. unioncompanymustang1foel.jpg Big Ron has been releasing a whole host of previews of his beautiful looking mod for GT Legends - the Ford Mustang Boss 302, leading us to believe that this stunning car is not far from a full release.

    Ford equipped the Boss with a 5L V8 and designed it for Trans-Am Championship use, which it won at it's second try in 1970.

    18g6yv.jpg 100j1qo.jpg 18276m3.jpg midohio19m3w.jpg moffatmustang2k1po.jpg mustang3xe5b.jpg
  17. Nice car, brilliant job. Go there Big Ron.
  18. The modelling looks great, this should be a classic. :)
  19. Oops, double post.
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