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Old GSC downloads threads (merged)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    We have created a new database to support Game Stock Car and the community to share various files such as car skins, templates, future patches, documentation and much more.

    Created something cool yourself and you wish to share it with us? Please click the following link to upload your files:
  2. fxs


    Downloads: A new file has been added by fxs:

    GSC ENBSeries HDR v1.0

    ENBSeries Plugin for Game Stock Car with customized settings by Fernando Pedace

    - less less saturated color
    - cold/realistic environment
    - minimum Bloom




  3. fxs


  4. fxs


    GSC ENBSeries HDR v1.0.1 has been updated!

    - newer d3d9.dll with better performance
    - new settings
    - new palette texture (less blue)

  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Sweet, going to update :) Thanks, really great tool
  6. Nice work!!!!
  7. 1.0 drops my framerate about 50 fps... I'll try 1.01. :redface:
  8. Gostari de por mais não sei como colocar no GAME se poder esplicar nois agradecemos forte abraco e parabeis
  9. Thanks for this excellent plugin, I like it... but it does feel too dark for me at times. The original look that comes with the game is too bright for me, and this plugin is too dark, trying to find an in-between. I've played around with the ini file a bit trying different things but can't really find something that makes it brighter, any suggestions?

  10. fxs


    Abra o arquivo com o WinRar (ou outro descompactador) e extraia os arquivos para apasta principal do jogo sobreescrevendo quando pedir.

    No jogo é só apertar Shift+Backspace para desabilita-lo ou novamente habilita-lo e ver a diferença.

    i will release an update with less dark and better colors... but u can tweak the enbpalette.bmp decreasing the dark area.
  11. Thanks fxs, I've just done a real quick and rough mod to the enbpalette.bmp file and it feels better to me like this :)
    I'm looking forward to your update, which will obviously be done correctly and will look heaps better than what I did! However if anyone wants my bmp file let me know and I will post it.
  12. fxs


    ok, could be.. just to see how bright u wanted. :)
  13. Paulo non coloquei ainda mas deve ser igual ao rfactor...extrai o conteudo e depois recorte e cola a pasta da equipe dentra da pasta
    stockV8 que está dentra da pasta veiculos é assim: Game Data/veiculos/stockV8,acho que é assim,afinal como disse no começo ainda
    non fiz esta atualização ok?
  14. Thanks fxs, very nice addition to a great game.
  15. fxs


    quick comparison between changes


    v1.1 will include a little sharpen too.

  16. That's looking much better.... can't wait until you release it :)
  17. Nice, it looks more realistic.

    I tried to activate blur but it is unstable. It activates and shuts down very often. That's a pity because a small blur help immersion and can help fight aliaising.
  18. O jogo nao Minimiza mais depois que instala isso !
  19. Looks great, can't wait for 1.1 :)
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