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Old downloads for F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by HV-User, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Managed to grab most of the files before the old download server went offline at 22nd December last year. Please be sure to read the included README.txt

    Torrent here: http://www.mediafire.com/?55zdp3ssa5bl959
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  2. this torrent has the files for f1 2011 not f1 2010!!!
  3. Im afraid you are mistaken. I checked and the files are for F1 2010.
  4. i don't know maybe the link is wrong because this torrent with the 2011 torrent has the same files and the same names...
  5. ok i've solved the problem..when i clicked on the link for f1 2010 it redicated me to the f1 2011 torrent for same reason but when i did copy-paste the link f1 2010 showed up!
  6. Ok good to know. Please be patient as all my upload bandwidth is currently utilized by youtube upload. Once that finishes i will restart ĀµTorrent.
  7. i can see that:)
  8. does anyone have the RDDev total conversion 2011
    I did try downloading HV-User upload, but it`s 5.72 GB , got to 34% after 3hrs now says 1year 71days,lol
  9. o.k managed to download Old downloads for F1 2010, so thanks for uploading them.
    just have one ? .
    the RDDev Mods, there are 105 rar folders, what ones are needed to get the mod installed.
    cheers Mick-S
  10. You only need to open [RDDev] Season 2011 Total Conversion 1.1.7z
    There are 2 torrent files inside for RRDev Season 2011 Mod. Use the newer one: RDD Season 2011 1.1.2011.0815.torrent

    Im not sure how well it's seeded tho...
  11. o.k thanks, 2 seeds and keeps stopping and starting, so could take a while,lol
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  12. if you copy the link, you will get F1 2010 mods
  13. The link has been blocked for terms of violation :/
  14. Nope i can still download just fine. Granted the torrent is offline until the end of the week, because im on a limited internet.
  15. Well you must be a magician or something as this is what i get when i click on the link! Can you look into this please? [​IMG]
  16. Did you try "save link as" ?
  17. Yep, it download as a html document called 'error'