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Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Kevin Watts, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Rick A is the main developer of this title it seems :) Pretty awesome remix btw :)
  2. Hi All,
    Ever since Multiplayer went via Internet all is good, but the fine art and fun of playing Offline (internet) via normal LAN just dissappeared!!!!

    For people in 3rd world countries, like us in South Africa, no multiplayer options are really available, as even if we have internet to activate games ect., we can't play online 'cause the damn ISP's are too slow and too erratic to keep a connection stable. How can I play against friends in the same room/city without being dropped all the time?!

    This is a plea for the poor suckers that can't afford 8mb lines as there are no 1mb options where we are. We also want to feel the adrenaline of playing multiplayer games (like Race and GTR 3 ect.) while watching our buddies wreck there gaming Peripherals just to get a flat tire on the last lap.

    For those that also have this need, please reply :)

    An old dog (NFSHP3 player :) )
  3. Yup, LAN mode is important for sure
  4. hehe, it looks like no one else likes LAN mode?! :(
  5. looks nice
  6. na, it was mentioned in another thread, but didn't want you feeling left out :)
  7. Thanx ;)
    Do you have a shortcut for the other thread?
  8. I am from South Africa, and myself and a few friends often get together and Play Race On in lan mode. We also have a braai and a few beers. Always ends up great fun.
  9. Sounds Great!!! Where are you based?
    Joburg I hope, as then I can possible play against someone else then stupid AI :(
    Me and my son plays, but the track gets a bit big if just two players are playing.
  10. Sorry m8, I am based in Cape Town.... :(
  11. Cool then :(
    Will let you know if I visit there again...
  12. I hope multi-player is going to be awesome so I can buy it =D
  13. lizzard engine or isi?

    whats going on they are waiting long time...maybe they wait for rfactor2 because the lizzard engine is not ready

    1 screenshot in 8 Months...come on

    The Iracing killer should make more advertisement
  14. iRacing killer? lol

    Please tell us how.
  15. um price for one thing... The ability to host a server and no cost...
  16. There are currently and will remain plenty of simracers who can and will pay for iRacing service after GT3 is released.

    People have been predicting the death of iRacing since it went live but instead it keeps getting stronger.
  17. Brian, I have an iR account, and I'm not stating that GTR3 or any other sim will kill iR, but the fact remains that many still would not pay for "parts" of a sim when they can pay once (and cheaper) for a product that runs many many cars and tracks (and maybe mods too)...
  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    People forget that hosting ISI game events on a dedicated server cost money too :) Actually one hosted race in iracing is cheaper than a race we host here at RD on a dedicated server (monthly costs devided by the amount of events per month). For the comparison I left out the monthly subscription and paid content of iRacing of course.
  19. Yes, I use to be one of those people who struggled with getting past the cost....but in terms of entertainment value and convenience it's hard to argue with the cost in the end. And my other driving games are sitting there ready to use if I get the itch. There's room for them all to co-exist.
  20. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I know we can't go on-topic when theres no screenshots but can we not go off-topic please :D
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