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Okay, Convince me that the Ferrari 275 GTB isn't an antiquated, hopeless old tub

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Dana Ciul, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Unlike the wonderful, exhilarating, superb Alfa Romeo GTA, the Ferrari seems to handle wretchedly no matter what I do. I even tried the "Pero" settup with no luck. I can't even do one timed lap without going off the track at lesser speeds than the Alfa. I really want to like this beautiful car. I think it has to be one of the three best looking designs (along with the E-type and the Miura) of all time. If God didn't want me to like this car, why did he plant the desire? I see that some of the leagues actually race this car. That has got to be a tough exercise.

    BTW - Good progress on the GTA. I'm down to 1:57 at Laguna Seca after three and a half weeks.

    Happy Holidays all! Stay warm, healthy and safe and I hope you find lots of time to run this great sim.
  2. Just look at the Fezza in slow-mo replay and turn up the volume: You'll forget about the handling :)

  3. I recall us having at least one race event here at RD using the Ferrari 275 GTB, and once people got used to it, they were lapping faster than the stock Ferrari. It had the potential to be quite quick, but it did require some different driving style. From memory, you needed to throw the tail out a bit to get it to turn better, and then control the "drift".
    I'd say it requires a lot of practice just to get familiar with it's handling, but when you do, it was a lot of fun.
  4. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    The 275 is pretty heavy and understeers by natural tendency. The Alfa is one of the sweetest handling cars in the game, full stop. If you want to use it as a benchmark, and find a better handling car than that in the game, you're going to be disappointed virtually every time.

    The 275 doesn't turn well by default, so you cannot drive it like an Alfa. You need to turn in early and use a lot of throttle to keep the back coming around.

    You can use setups to help - soften the front or stiffen the rear for better relative front end grip and a slidier rear.

    But in general, this is the nature (and the allure) of GTL, the cars drive wildly differently and you need to adapt. The Ferrari has a nice lot of grunt through the rev range, so drive to it's strengths.

  5. I thought that was the only way to drive any of the GTL cars, Warren?

    The lads are right though, I found that the easiest way to drive it was to make a very controllable drift setup... Put a bit more lock in your diff, and once you've kicked it, find your angle, hold your wheel in a constant position and use your right foot to control how wild you wanna be.... :D
  6. I changed my setup as instructed and started my turn-ins earlier (that required a real leap of faith). It was indeed a wild ride and the Ferrari bettered my GTA lap record at Monza by exactly one second! Thanks much! Now this is really getting fun.

    The above comments also make me even happier about owning a real Alfa although it's a GTV not a GTA which was 500 lbs lighter than mine. Only 1000 GTAs were built.