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OK, so I was a little bored.......

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dazmaniac, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. ... so I decided to have a play.

    Firstly, after reading a few posts here and also at Club England @ iRacing, I made a change to my wheel. In Logitech profiler, I've always had it set to 'auto-centre' the wheel, running it about 40%. Many posts seemed to indicate to have this at 0%, so I made the change. Man what a difference. You can really feel the car through the wheel so much better. Still getting used to it, but can't believe what a whole new world it has opened up.

    So, I then decided to kill some time and went testing at Summit Point and took turns running hotlaps with the FW31, Indy Dallara and the Lotus 79.

    Didn't get no surprises with the order they finished, with FW31 fastest, Dallara second and the Lotus third. I'm no Ayrton Senna, but all 3 were covered by about 8 seconds.

    One thing I did notice, and this is kudos to the iRacing sim itself, is how much you can feel the bumps in the road through the wheel in the Lotus compared to the FW31 and Dallara. I guess that's how it was back in the late 70's, lol, compared to the race cars of today.

    Nice that the cars do have their own feel and characteristics and don't all feel and drive the same and just look different in the sim, lol (which sometimes happens with MOD's in other racing titles).

    Oh well, best I get some more practice in for tomorrow, in the slightly slower MX-5.

  2. Nice one Daz, but not at SP mate... : )
  3. G,

    Only used SP as it was a short lap, lol and I just had 15-20 minutes to kill. Plus with all the turns on the track, it sure helps with learning to control the car, lol.
  4. where's the "auto centre" option?
  5. in Logitech profiler
  6. I have just received my G27. Does the centre wheel option need to be ticked with 0% or unticked and 0%?
  7. Cheers Will