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Ok so I found a serious issue with This game and my TX wheel

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Greg Latty, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. For whatever reason this game doesn't reset my wheel rotation after driving a car, which is a known issue I think. But I also noticed that it somehow affects the driver as well. After playing this game ( I checked this with other games as well), Upon restarting my PC the TX driver isn't installed anymore. Just the generic "Thrustmaster FFB wheel" driver. And the wheel doesn't work properly in any game until I reinstall the driver. It seems like after playing this game the wheel doesn't calibrate itself on startup. Anyone else having this issue? Is this a known issue? This doesnt happen with any other game.
  2. Thrustmaster T500RS user here and i haven't had any issues with AMS nothing wheel releated anyway.

    This is what i run

    I am using Windows 10 - Updated
    Thrustmaster T500 Drivers - Latest
    Teamspeak / Overwolf
    Nvidia drivers & overlay software

    I normally boot with wheel connected and jump into AMS i can reboot and repeat without issue.
    Close all your 3rd party stuff running on the task bar and try again be a crazy one to be messing with the driver though never heard of that or seen it happen

    In device manager remove the wheel driver and select the tick box to remove previous driver versions and then reinstall again.
  3. I am also on the latest Windows 10 and latest windows driver. I uninstalled the driver completely and reinstalled completely before writing this post. I posted about the rotation issue before and others claim to have the same issue. I think the driver issue has something to do with the state that the game leaves wheel in. It doesnt automatically change the rotation back to 900 like its supposed to. So upon restart it doesnt calibrate properly.
  4. jimortality

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    I've not had any issues with my TX
  5. Fairbanks_ABGF

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    I got my T300 just yesterday, after my TX died. I also had problems with driver installation, and it only showed up as "FFB Wheel", and I couldn't configure it in the control panel. Neither did it self-calibrate, it only turned to the left lock and then went to sleep. I checked on the Thrustmaster website, and I must have overlooked the little part where it says "ALWAYS keep the servo base set to PS3, and not PS4 when connecting it to the PC!". That did the trick for me, and I haven't had any issues since.

    However, what still happens is that upon connecting the wheel to the PC, it never defaults to the full 1080 degrees, but only to 900. I have to manually set that value every time I use it. All the other options work fine.

    As for the car changing in Automobilista, I never ran into any problems with degree values again after disabling custom steering range. It automatically uses the correct angles now. The control panel seems to be picking up the last used value, though, and if I change to another game, it doesn't reset. Also, FFB turns off everytime I try to change steering lock in the control panel while in-game, and the wheel stops reacting to input if I change mappings in-game.
  6. spending a few hours in ams tonight so i'll go in and out and see if i find anything odd happening.
    I'll admit i've not been checking the thrustmaster cp after a game to see what the rotation is ill have a check and see if anythings being modified