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Oh that isn't good

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I can see that I'm REALLY going to have to watch other goofballs on the track! I was in a practice before having to leave this morning. There were three of us bumper to bumper, guy in front, me in the middle, and a guy behind me. We were at Lime Rock and coming down the straight into turn one at a pretty good clip. The car in front was slower so I went to the outside, leaving myself the good racing line. The guy behind me went to the inside with almost no line at all. Well we got around the slower car right at the turn and what do you think happened since I could not see what the other guy had done right away...lol... He of course couldn't make the turn and I clipped the back end of him and got x4 contact points... BOOoooooo... I didn't lose control and kept going but still I thought that was a dumb thing to do at our speed and that close to the turn with three cars on top of each other. :tongue:
  2. Yes its dissapointing when you lose points when you feel you have done nothing wrong but I imagine if you look back at a replay as I have often done and thought "Hmm I could have avoided that" if you lose sight of someone then you are in dangerous territory. That said there are some numbnuts out there who still believe a race is won at the first corner and fly into it like their life depends on overtaking at least 1000 cars. Once you get out of your rookie season you should find more careful drivers but be happy in the knowledge that you will find cleaner racing in iRacing than many other online games out there.
  3. well if you were realy in practice session and not warm up nothing to worry about, that is what practice is there for, to see what is wise to do and what is not so wise thing to do in race itself, 4x contact is visible but not harming your SR in practice sessions, just in race, qualy and TTs :)
  4. Yeah I'm thankful that was only practice and not something that would go on my record persay. I know that it didn't look like he hit the brakes at all in the replay and if I would have been able to slow down just a bit more I would have missed him. However he was going off track no matter what...lol... I lost sight of him when I had gone hi and he went low around the slower car and well...hehe...

    I will say this, I am very impressed with iracing so far and can't wait to get to the higher lvl racing and cars. I'm not looking forward to the price though...haha
  5. Hi Joe and welcome to iRacing. Plenty of good threads on the main forum as well as here. If there is one tip I can give any new racer it is to concentrate on racing clean to start with, do time trials and qualifying with the sole intention of putting in clean laps.

    Treat SR as your driving licence that unlocks the better cars and classes. Until you you get to A class you haven't fully passed your test. It won't take long either with some careful planning and racing, especially with fast track available.

    Quick guide here http://legends-league.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5357
    and also check out page 23 of the begineers guide http://membersmedia.iracing.com/pdfs/Beginners_Guide_100909.pdf

    Good luck and see you on track some time
  6. Thank you very much for those tips! I do appreciate it very much!
  7. The price of iracing can be trouble, if you try to own every car and every track. After my 3 month trail ended I went ahead and signed up for a year for $75. With out having the monthly fee of iracing, it was easier for me to look at my bank statements and only see iracings name for tracks and cars that I brought.
  8. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Sure that probably was not very smart of the guy you keep arguing with.
    But we are talking about the Mazda series, right?
    EVERYONE can participate there and therefore almost everyone will be making bad mistakes, too.
    If you want to avoid that you should get your license up fast and then do the higher classes.