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Offtopic question

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Steve Bean, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. OK first of all let me say congrats for all the hard work the stc guys do

    My question is about the safety car

    I know fallout_motorsports has created this mod for the league with the safety car included with flashing lights etc (woow what a cool car)

    My question is i am an admin for a sim racing community and i am helpping to run the 2011 wtcc league we are hosting this year and we use manual safety car for rolling formation laps. But we do not have the great addition of the lights etc which would be so cool

    so i cme humbley asking all modders who are part of this community would you be a ble to take some time and create a saftey car with flashing lights for my community (i am willing to pay if this is needed)

    we use the same bmw e90 for our saftey car starts so i could be a simple conversion if fallout_motorsports guys read this but if anyone can fill me in with some details i would be greatly happy

    i have sent some pm's to some modders but have had no reply yet so i come humbley asking my question here

    i understand if this is off topic and understand if it gets deleated but i am just in great need to find someone to help us out

    best regards all and i hope to speak to you soon

    best wishes
  2. wish you all the best with this one, personally I neither know the guys who produced our beauty nor do I have a say in the matter.
  3. my friend spoke to his friend a modder from FCR and i belive we should have a safety car ready to roll out the garage tomorow

    thanks alot yuri is you read this thanks very much

    best regards as always

  4. If you need simething else related with the Safety CAr contact me Steve. I will help you as much as needed as I have been in charge of all the process (not modding, but asking for all).
  5. thats very much appreciated david thank you i just love your safety car amazing i didnt think it was possible to do as there is a download on nogrip for some safety cars but they do not work online (always an unknown class) and i have no idea of modding lol so decided to ask around and with the great guys you all are i found some1 to help

    many thanks good luck again all for round 2 i will be watching on from behind my pc as im not in this event

    best regards

    speak soon

  6. Oh yes great new for c-online.cc champ 2011wtcc.
    Thank's David !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.