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Offline version vs Online version

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by WWXX, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. As I m not planning to play online, I have install the offline version.

    However, I just find out that I can donwload other people car setup if and only if I have the online version.

    Does it mean that I have to setup the game again to online version in order for me to download other car setup..? Or I can get the car setup in some website...??
  2. Ar... 1 more question, If I wanna reinstall the game, what file should I keep to get my records and game saved.??

  3. 1. You can download car setups here at RD, I think. There's a dedicated section for them in the forums.

    2. When I uninstalled, then reinstalled the game, everything was just the way it was before I uninstalled (profile-wise at least). But then I use the online version, so it may be different for you.
  4. well, you can't download RD setups until you're a premium member, but i'm sure you can find some somewhere. why not race online? it's 100 times more fun!
  5. YES! Do race online. I have been messing around with GPL, rFactor, and NetKar as online sims, but nothing compares to the online experience available on GTR Evolution. Simply magnificant! Try it, you'll like it.