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offline long wekend race

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nick Milton, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    how come I can only set 10 Laps??? and amongs field I have a "test" car ???

  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    Under certain presets (Pro, Amateur, etc, I can't remember which) you can have a maximum of 10 laps. Try and play around with them to see with which one you can enjoy up to 50 laps (If I am correct)
    The 'Test' car is a livery I suppose, which can be randomly picked by the AI for racing, to eliminate the test car, you have to delete its livery file from your AC folder. .../assettocorsa/content/cars/<car>/<livery>
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  3. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    Ok, I haven't played for a few weeks, but I use custom, and get 10 laps, im sure I could adjust thus a few weeks ago?
  4. Maybe you have to disable fuel consumption, like some time ago. I'm not sure, didn't play for a while ;)
  5. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    I think this is the correct answer, in offline races the AI haven't been trained to make pitstops yet so if you have fuel wear enabled it will only let you do one fuel tank's worth of laps (or else the poor AI runs out of fuel). To get longer lap counts, disable fuel wear.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  6. With the latest updates, it all depends on the fuel usage per car/track combo. One should be able to setup offline races with laps up to the fuel usage for a full tank. It all depends on the car & track combo..... Example GT3 cars at Silverstone International has a limit of 45 laps While other tracks and car combos may be even lower than 10 laps (Nordschleife Endurance for example).
  7. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    Ok thanks I'll test later, but wouldn't be much of endurance race if can only do 10 laps?

    So if set fuel as off(if that is possible), I would then be able to set laps?

    I assume put stop is only for online ?

    Thanks all

  8. Yes, at the moment pit stops are limited to multiplayer
  9. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Member Race Ban

    Ok , tested that and it's correct, turn off fuel, and the lap slider gives up to 80 laps.

    Thanks for replies.

    I mixed 12 lotus F1 cars in game, exo or something like, with 12 FF1 15 cars, the FF1 are sooooo much quicker, surprised me
  10. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Don't want to bash AC, but for people always saying that 1.0 referrs to the singleplayer part and multiplayer being pretty much in alpha, there's only very little finished in singleplayer to justify the big "1" in the version number.
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  11. I wouldn't waste your time with the AI just yet, they're awful. I put a forumla one car on the track and random bmw. The forumla one got stuck behind the bmw and never overtook for 10 whole laps.. It just slows down and follows a line. It's exactly the same with any other car.
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  12. You can do more than 10 laps even with fuel usage on. But depends on track length and car. For Nordschleife you can do max 8 laps with most cars, but on the other tracks you can well do over 20 or 30 laps with fuel usage, tyre wear, and mechanical grip on.
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  13. I've readed, from some people on the official forum, that if you use cars from the same classes they behave much better. But they need much more work, obviously, like many other things (for example multiplayer :whistling:)
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
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  14. Correct about AI of matched classes "behaving" better. However, even then (depending on the class), they will behave better with all cars of the same make. Some AI cars are better than others. It appears that the AI is "trained" with one car and then used for other cars (even when they would race totally different). Some tracks are better than others, as well.

    The all make stupid mistakes, like running into walls (final turn at Nürburgring or into the pit wall on the start at Spa). They will also just roll over and fade if you take their preferred line in fast sweeping turns. However, I have had some good scraps with the AI in longer races (if I set them at 98-100%). Of course it helps that I am not an alien driver ;-). However, I refuse to race with them with mechanical damage turned on.... When they make their bone-headed moves, it's too dangerous.

    Also, echoing that with the latest updates 1.1.x, one can run longer races even with fuel usage enabled.