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OFFICIAL PROTEST: 09 race world trophy

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by sebastiano filosa, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I made the pole position today in WT 09 race.
    during the warmup, when there were still 4 minutes I went into the bathroom to wash my hands. When I returned, max 1-2 minute after, the formation lap had already begun.

    I once wrote in the chat, 4 minutes that were missing and that I was not ready/robbed for my change to drive! But no one responded. Just a bizare silent ignorance from the director!

    This is not correct. I had every right to get away from the computer because I still had 4 minutes before the race.
    Maybe we was behind schedule for the reasons of fsr not having system and tracks under control, but is not nessecary to skip 2-3 minutes of warmup, when its risky to loose drivers like of me.

    Why it has not been restarted since I wrote what happened? Its very sad this way of disrepect to pilotes.

    I'm really disappointed for what happened today.
    I trained for this race two weeks, while they are on holiday.

    I have always respected this tournament, but obviously this tournament does not respect the pilots.

    I do not know if I will participate in another event, given that my commitment and respect for this tournament is so repaid

    Really disapointed how this was handled.
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  2. Really really bad handled by The director. I thought it was a joke when I was told. but no :/
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  3. I felt pretty bad to, i was thinking of pressing ESC and say something in CHAT but i didn't because i think its the adminstrators responsibility to take care with this kind of problems. If i had aborted and the race would have gone on i would have destroyed my race as well. I dunno why the race wasn't restarted we where stil on formation lap, but the only thing i can think off is that he completely missed the message.
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  4. I'm sorry for that, but when I moved to race session I went to the remote server to clean some things that I had opened and so. Once I returned race already started, I saw the message but it was already late to think about a restart.

    We were like 10 or 15 mins off the official starting time due to the server crash in PQ Group 2, that's why I moved to race after 6-7 mins of warmup.

    My apologies for what happened, I can only say that it wasn't intentional.
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  5. I feel sorry for sebastiano, but this kind of problems should not happen, because the people will be messed up during the upcoming events. They are not going to leave the PC even if they going to have a plenty of time, to do what they need to do. They will make the qualifying with the fear of the losing the main event.:laugh:
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  6. A similar thing almost occured in G2, luckily Pambos never showed, all though this shouldn't have happened.
  7. I can also accept your apology david, but I must tell you frankly that they are little.
    What happened did not depend on my mistake. Surely it is not my mistake to get away from the PC. I was 4 minutes left and came back after less than a minute.
    Tomas.....do you say that it was my mistake to get away from your pc?
    I do not think I had every right to do what I wanted before the race, as time allowed me.
    Did you were in late with the program?sorry but this was not my problem.

    I'm not a kid that has nothing to do. I have to match my work with the league.
    I have always respected the commitment that I have taken in this league ripettando your work,but you have not the least respected me and my work.

    Did you realize after the start of the race to have excluded me? it was your duty to restart the race,and it was my right to participate normally.

    Your excuses, made ​​in this way, have very little in comparison to my lost time.
    I am very disappointed in this behavior. I did not think possible in this FSR
  8. The thing is that you are not the only one driver in the WT, there were 40 drivers more including G2, and I cannot change it for only one driver, even if it's unfair. Maybe you match your work with the league, and maybe others do the same as well and couldn't delay it more (that happened to me 2 years ago due to a delay, for example). You have to understand that you are not driving alone, there are 40 guys more with 40 different stories, and sometimes that's not easy to handle.
  9. Im sorry to say but Ive had a few races spoiled by drivers hitting the rear of my car during parade lap and ive seen more than one driver in a race end their races in parade lap. Never once has race been restarted. sometimes I think its very harsh and ive even had strong words with other drivers. Did you say on chat that you was going AFK. The race was already very late and usualy there is another race later on but this was the only race yesterday.
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  10. Sebastiano, you got me wrong, re-read my post, it seem that you were still upset when you read it. I never mentioned anything like that.
  11. david, I I know very well that there are other drivers on the track, in fact we should all understand the same thing. I do not think that cutting a 4 minute warmup have made up for lost time. I followed all the rules you imposed. This is the result? Be practically excluded from the race.
    As written by chris may be buffered to understand the formation lap because of other drivers. This happened to me but I never said anything. We're talking about another problem! You cut a 4-minute warmup without verifying that the pilots were ready! this thing is the first time I see her! I do not think that other drivers would have complained if the race had allocated for this problem. We're not talking about an accident.
    I want you to know that you have excluded me unfairly.

    one more thing ... I would understand. Are you telling me that even the first few laps were not monitored? In FSR?You just leave alone the race??I guess its more important for you to look Iracing f1 race?
  12. sorry Tomas,i understand wrong
  13. He he, another brainwashed guy. I feel sorry for you. With the last sentence you said all, thanks for clarify it.
  14. well well. I am forced to withdraw from the league. When respect is lost there is no other solution.

    I apologize to my team, but I can not continue. It 's the first time I had to leave in a current championship.

    Ps: david, I have told you all with the last sentence, but you said a lot more about you Sunday
  15. Seb, I feel sorry that you feel the need to leave the league after these events, but I can understand this, I wish you all the luck with whichever league you race in next.
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  16. Ciao.
  17. The race was already running late, if you miss the race for going to the toilet when the race is already delayed then you only have yourself to blame. Everyone needs to be ready when the official time is the start time of the race even if there is a delay, if you go of for a few minutes there's a chance you will miss the race and cannot blame others if you do miss the race.

    Also making a restart for one person who missed the race due to something he only has his self to blame it just does not work like that considering all the other races who are racing and with a delayed race already.
  18. That's why I always say BRB 2 mins or afk 2 mins if I need to take a ****/wash hands during some session.

    Eduard K
  19. After discussing with my team I decided that continuing the championship.
    My team has paid my license, I have a duty to respect the commitment that I took.
    Only the respect that I have for the team i continued since I have no longer any trust for championship adminstration.
  20. I would say a thing.... little thing....

    David, in this case, late or not late, you had to respect sessions times! I'm sorry but you was wrong. In my opinion you'd have to ask in chat to all drivers if they were ready to start, wait OK from all, and then go on. Simple and clean! :coffee: