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Official Career Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by lover_boytje, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i finnist my first season with force india. After spa the interview guy asked me who my rival whas. I told him it was alonso. At the end of the season i had beaten alonso but did'nt get a contract offer from ferrari. why is this?
    I had the same thing in f1 2010 but then i accepted a contract renewal, but now i didn't en still i get no offer from ferrari.

    Can you help me ?
  2. not enough reputation points maybe. Thats the way it was in F1 2010. I know you needed a certain amount of rep to get offers from the top teams.
  3. I've beaten Massa and taken his place, should happen the same with you
  4. I know, at the end of the season i could not go to season 2 until i signed a new contract. But i couldnt choose ferrari. So i renewd my contract with force india.
  5. Reputation points, and career points

    has anyone progressed far enough into the game yet to explain the breakdown of these 2 point systems for this years game?

    any news on Rep points required for S2 and S3 teams?
    (i know im pushing it for S3 most likely)

    what do career points do?

    thank you
  6. Career

    Just started my second season. Moved from Team Lotus to Williams. Hows everyone else career coming along?
  7. Damn, you've played much. Doing short weekends?

    I'm only at Season 1 in China atm. But I'm really using all the practice sessions to change setups and do the R&D (which can be quite hard on Expert sometimes :p).
  8. season 1, force india, at turkey doing 50% races and short weekends
  9. im up to singapore, S1. signed on/staying with williams for S2. i pulled a 10hr racing bender yesterday, 8hrs the on friday.today is my day off.
    as of monday i will do 1 race per day.
    some races have been longer than others. if i like the track, i will do full race length. if i hate the track, i will only do 20% races.
  10. 1st season in force india.
    just finished 8th in Spain... first points xD
  11. Struggling a bit. Force India, keep on getting 17th, 18th etc. Only pro level as well.

    Up to quali at Montreal
  12. going to p3 at melbourne :p

    i'll be doing full weekends with 100% races and will do all the practice sessions to try to get faster and avoid errors in the race.

    i'm struggling so far. almost 2 seconds behind the pace of rubens. professional ai, all assists off, default setup. i don't believe anyone who says legends ai is easy, it's just impossible.
  13. Finished China today. Willams 1st season. Expert, long race weekends and 50% length.
    Really struggeling. Qualified 18th, got a drive trough and finished 18th. Complete wet race in China, AI are fast in rain!
  14. on my 2nd season with mclaren now i was force india in 1st season finished 4th above button in standings that why mclaren offerd me job i play on legend now i was playing proffesional with force india on legend with mclaren ive won my first 4 races but not easy at all
  15. Did my first race in melbourne today :) Doing long weekends and 50% races. Qualified 14th in my Force India. Going expert by the way.
    Took two places in the start, Perez and Kobayashi :p Side by side with Buemi in turn 3 and 4 but he managed to keep ahead for two laps until I used DRS to overtake him :) But braked late in turn 3 and lost both Buemi and Perez. Had an awesome fight with all three drivers until the first pitstop. Went for a 2 stop race. Started with option and Prime the remaining two stints. Kobyashi loosing time after first stop an i went in 11th place fighting Buemi and Perez. Switching places all the time.
    Then two laps before my last pitstop we cought up one of the Renaults. so now we were 4 again and all except Perez went for the pit. Came out ahead of Buemi and behind Petrov. But a couple of laps later Petrov spun and he was out. Just me and Buemi left fighting for the last point.
    6 laps left. Turn 15. Buemi tries to overtake me but brakes late and went straight in to me. Both spun out and Perez came out of nowhere and took 10th. Buemi gets away first and me 2 seconds behind.
    Luckily i caught him up and overtook him after one lap and i was suddenly way faster then Buemi. So I went for Perez but he were to fast in the end :p
    11th place and I had the best F1 race in a game ever. I love this game.