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Official AI Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Carl Williamson, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Playing on Legend @ monza and the AI just won't overtake you no matter what, they will get a good run on you going into certainturns but will instead decide to just stay behind you for the entire race. It's bizarre. Had similar issues on other tracks, they just won't overtake you unless you make some major error. It kinda ruins the offline portion of this game.
  2. Read that in a review, makes offline pointless as you say....but I guess this is standard for CM/console crap
  3. Don't even get me started on how many times they have got in my way during quail, they slow down on the frigging racing line !!!!!
  4. haven't had this problem myself. only had one race at melbourne, but Hamilton was all over me for a couple of laps before he finally made a move stick on the outside of turn 3.
  5. Hmm, this doesn't bode well. Kind of makes a mockery of it being a racing game!
  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Time that Codemasters (and other developers as well) realizes that there is new technology on the market called iOpener Enabled that can solve all their problems with regards to AI :)

    Simply log all the GPS data of the real F1 cars and you have real time positioning in the game 100% the same as the real cars drove their races in real life.

    Watch the gamer fight against two real pilots from behind his own pc, while the two real cars race on the real track!

    (yes graphics look dated, but the game was just a testing platform during the beta tests, technology works in all racing games from F1 2011 to Gran Turismo 5 to iRacing to Forza, you name it)
  7. What is up with the competition during career mode?

    Part of me likes that it's more balanced....but on the other hand, competing with (for example) Alguersuari for a podium doesn't have the same kick as trying to fend off a Hamilton or an Alonso.

    Is this a setting, or just a decision they made to make things more "fair"? Anyone know?

    Of course non of this affects the gameplay, but I was expecting more dominance from the Tier 1 teams.
  8. chi


    Handling - Im sorry but is it me?

    Or does the handling in this game seem all over the place? suddenly I have loads of grip in some corners then none in others? Australia Ai really fast then malasia slow? can these guys just not get it right?
  9. Yes, i thought that too, Melbourne AI are super quick even at Pro setting. In Malaysia i won the race at pro setting. This is very annoying, i have to change the difficulty each race...
  10. Yea its not as easy as 2010 as the models changed for the better i think, you cant be a confident throwing the cars into a corner because one wrong move and your spinning as it already happened to me as i opened the DRS to early exciting a corner and spun out like Maldonado, so am finding my slef setting it to professional instead of expert to learn how to drive for 2011.
  11. I think the handling is much improved from 2010, but it is a lot easier to spin.

    You can no longer turn the wheel to full lock in a fast corner, you have to make sure to hit the right angle and do it smoothly or the car will get loose.

    I did notice that I was much more competitive in Malaysia compared to Australia though, although it could be because of my grid spots.
    Qualifying was slight rain in Australia, heavy rain, clear in Malaysia
    -started 24th in Australia, got up to 14th and closing on 13th when I ran out of gas on lap 10/12, finished 23rd.
    -started 11th in Malaysia, got up to 5th and trying to catch 4th spun out like an idiot on the last hairpin, finished 14th.
  12. Handling is perfect imo.
    If you find your spinning out then put traction control on, or perhaps think its you and not the game.
  13. also if you're trying to run your set ups from 2010, that is an issue because the cars actaully handle now...they do not crossover very much imo...the cars actually get loose under acceleration now...so you have to worry about tire spin as well as the back of the car stepping out...you have to be smooth entering corners, you cant just jerk the wheel/joystick into the corner as the car gets tailhappy
  14. Well you have to get used to the handling, but after a while it feels fine.
    What annnoys me though is that the AI does not really overtake you except you make a mistake, and as soon as the car begins to slide there is nearly no way to catch it. In F1 2010 I used to just hit the brakes nicely, did some stearing against the dirft and hit the paddle again. But in F1 2011 this ain't possible anymore. This especially sucks when it rains, like it did in the Malysia Race,

    Bottom line: Big improvement over F1 2010, but still some patching to do!
  15. lol they don't ever overtake me, I stop and park on the race track and leave 80 percent of the track clear and they all just come and park next to me and spaz out, it's hilarious.
  16. When comparing the two games make sure you are driving at least in the same driving conditions.

    IMHO, playing without assists as I did in f1 2010 feels easier in the sense that the car is more stable and less likely to spin when you step on the gas leaving the curve. Like the first left turn in Shanghai. But the overall driving engine is better, I get more simulation feel on this game.
  17. Yeah the handling in this game is a lot different. Have to get used to it. F1 2010 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. I mean even my dog could do some nice lap times.
  18. I don't think anyone at Codemasters ever tried playing this game with a controller. Seriously, this is horrid. I'm so close to returning this at this point...
  19. You guys with controllers need to play with the advanced settings menu under steering, with my xbox controller(hooked up to pc) it was terrible, slow and very linear steering made it hard to control, especially a slide. Under advanced wheel settings i have the steering deadzone set to 8%, and the steering linearity set to 15%. I still plan on playing with the settings more, but for now its a good starting point, games tons of fun when the steering is setup properly to suit your specific controller
  20. James Chant

    James Chant
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    Whats his Gamertag?