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Official 11/11 spring thread

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Richard Knight, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Every game has it's flaws, 2010 was great, bugs and all but this major bug ruins it for me. Xbox league on hold for fix.
    Please send a message to Coddies and complain! Please add any links you can, thanks

    12/10/11 Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this topic! Okay, so this is not a bug! Check out John Robertsons post below, I think this sums it up nicely. We will be starting the Xbox leagues on the 20th Nov with a limit of 9/9 spring settings. As John says "we want our lap times to be a little more realistic". Hopefully CM will fix this physics flaw in the next patch (but don't hold your breath lol)

    <removed the links>

    "no it's not a bug, it's a flaw in the physics that codemasters used.

    setting higher springs should make the car more responsive, less resistant to body roll, reduce cornering grip and traction, and increase tire wear

    for some reason it doesn't work like that, it does make the car more responsive and roll resistant, but it actually increases grip and traction, and doesn't seem to have an effect on tire wear.

    It's not correct, even within the game, as they've listed set up tips in the game based on real life, but following these directions to help your set up won't work.

    It's up to you what you do with that info, I personally don't set my springs higher than 7/7 now and the league I race in follows that rule as well, but if you're trying to go as fast as the game will allow you to go then you've gotta set it at 11/11

    The problem people have with it is that it's not remotely based on real life, and gives you an unreal amount of grip. the reason my league has capped it at 7/7 is because we want our lap times to be a little more realistic. doing 1:20's at singapore is just absurd xD"
    John Robertson
  2. Do you think it's something modders could fix if CM don't?
  3. not for Xbox no..
  4. This is a good point. I didn't engage my brain there!
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Links removed. Come on man, just wait for a patch and don't start silly petitions like this that will not speed up things at all.

    Instead do a google search how long approval takes for a patch for all three major platforms. Not to mention a development process that takes tons of time also.
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Harsh!! Yeah like we did for 2010 and we know how that went :rolleyes:

    Don't think there is any harm in letting them know people are not happy!!

    If they had bothered testing properly and found the obvious issues that have been identified easily by others we wouldn't be aksing such things.
  7. From what I've read 11/11 should be a pretty easy fix. As long as the physics are not completely F'ed it should simply being a case of reducing the effects of hard springs at max settings plus penalizing this setting by making tyres wear faster etc...like it would be in real life. The effect of 11/11 is not unrealistic, its just not balanced properly.
  8. Good point peter. THey didn't support 2010. 1 patch that broke things... Plus they have next years game to think about. That was their excuse for no more patches last year...
  9. There are better ways to do it, petitions? come on its a bit immature, they are already aware of the problems enough people have posted on the fm forums and they are currently doing it, just because we paid for game that has flaws doesnt give us the right to act like children about it.
  10. I know last year was shenanigans with patching, but i'd like to be hopeful. Last years game probably didn't have half the budget as CM had just gotten the F1 license, f1 2009 was a complete failure that never even made it beyond the wii and handheld, so they didn't really know how big their target audience was. Yes the dev's moved on to f12011 quite quickly, but I'm sure this year's game will receive much more support as they have fixed many of the problems we asked for in 2010(SC, AI pace and intelligence, pitbug). Sure some things may have missed testing but that's what you get for not having an open beta/demo etc..take SC2 for example on PC, took 10 years+ to develop from one of the biggest game developers in the world(blizzard ent, comon people), yet it still had bugs in beta/release and even now(all the forums are crying about the latest patch breaking the action per minutes calculator for some peripherals and causing massive lag, myself included). This stuff happens all the times and the more you guys say stuff like "i will never play again...CM sucks...." the LESS likely they are to further support the game...you are a paying customer, but be patient and support your choice of company rather than slagging them off and making them feel terrible for dedicating their creative efforts to amuse you.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Hmmm... exactly where did anyone say we should contact them to slag them off... can't see anything in this thread about slagging anyone off. Pointing out things that have gone wrong should also be looked at as constructive.. And since when did a genuine complaint to a company constitute behaving like children?

    Bottom line is I really hope that CM will sort this out.. from their comments prior to release where they promised better support I certainly hope so. This is a great game with some major improvements over F1 2010 for which CM should and are being congratulated. At the same time there are also some not such great things which they need to be aware of and the more people that point them out the better chance they might get looked at. Simples ;)

  12. Good to see some level headedness on here. The CM forums are insane at the moment. Bunch of spoilt kids spitting their dummies. Good post.
  13. I'm just wondering how this bug appeared, in F1 2010 setup settings were not very different, and yet everything seemed to be alright.
  14. It must be related to the "complete rewrite" of the suspension model. I wonder why they didn't realize this problem during testing.
  15. This whole thread is started with the assumption they aren't going to fix it and need some "motivation".

    Patch 1 is finished and being tested for release and patch 2 is in the works.

    Why would you assume a fix is not in their plans?
  16. Doing petitions and the million threads about this issue on the CM forums, people crying like babies there. Maybe not you in particular, I understand the frustration with it, Im frustrated too, racing online has become terrible in 2011, atleast in 2010 when you got crashed out the other guy usually took a time penalty, in 2011 you can cut corners/crash plus race at ridiculous speeds.

    CM understand the issues better than us and I'm sure they will find a way to fix it...like I said it's truly a minor fix to a major problem because the effect of the bug is realistic just way overdone. In reality you could run with springs that stiff on some tracks but too much kerb-riding or too many laps would likely cause the suspension to explode. It would be cool if they could program this into the game with a patch so that the suspension model has a "breaking point" if it is overloaded(springs too hard for track, too much kerbriding or driving on the grass, hard knocks). however the likely fix I would expect is they will increase tyre wear and reduce the grip at the 11 setting to something a bit more standard.

    Personally the issue doesnt effect me hugely as I will remain off-line except for organized races until a fix is found, seeing as how most of the online community are **** racers unless you take the time to come to RD or similar sites and organize clean races...
  17. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Hey Mark, just thought i'd start a thread about this bug as obviously everyone doesn't know about it yet (check out the set-ups thread, lots of 11/11 there), don't think i was acting like a child but I certainly have got a reaction! I wasn't starting a petition either, simply asking those who feel the same way about this bug to voice their fustration to the manufacturers. Yes we did pay for a product and I for one would expect it to do what it promised. To me this 11/11 thing is more like a cheat which kinda spoils it for some of us, that's all. As has been mentioned already here, only 1 patch was released for 2010 and I loved that game bugs & all. Lets hope they patch 2011 sooner rather than later, I just think the more people contact them the quicker they will react, maybe i'm wrong, hey, its only a £45 game.
    cue stamping of feet and rattle throwing lol
    (maybe Vettel's been running this set-up all year haha)
  18. 2 announced patches for f12011 already, we are in good hands lads.
  19. I wasnt singling anyone out, That was aimed at anyone maybe my words were incorrectly chosen but after you see 100 odd bug threads regarding the same bug it gets annoying especially when we know its being fixed...patch is being tested bug will be fixed end of story why create more threads?
  20. I agree, we've heard about this bug enough, I'm probably responsible for some of that, sorry.

    Now on to the corner cutting issues.

    J/K BTW. sorta.