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Off track penalty

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris James, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Chris James

    Chris James

    Buried in one of the previous threads a very helpful fellow posted a method to disable the off track penalty by changing a value to -1. After the 22nd's update, I can no longer disable the off track penalty with this method. Is there another way?

  2. Make laps in practice mode....off track penalty is only imposed in hotlap mode since the update.
  3. Which is pretty damn logical and how it should work. Hotlap mode penalty should be permanent, really.
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  4. Chris James

    Chris James

    Great! Thanks guys. I agree that is logical for Hotlap, but annoying when I'm just trying to get faster.
  5. Actually, it shouldn't. At least not in the current form, because what's the point of slowing the car down like that? It only throws you off your rhythm and the lap time is worthless anyway, so why not just invalidate the lap time and get on with the new one?
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  6. Well, if you're that far off the track, both your rhythm and your laptimes will be spoiled anyway. It works well, as some people will do extreme cuts to gain laptime - and yes, you can manage this if you do it correctly, with the correct car.
  7. But there is no ghost car in practice. I really need to race against the ghost car.
  8. I personally don't care of the slowing my car down, but shortcuted lap time can be valid in practice mode for record. I think practice mode still need the penalty back at least with invalidate lap.
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  9. If the lap is simply invalidated it is easy to get into a bad habit...kind of like a punch in the face will teach a lesson far faster than a stern warning.
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  10. To me this is how it should work if you go off track:
    . laps should allways be invalid no matter what mode (no slow down)
    . in race after going X (defined by user or server administration) times off-track you have to do a "run trough pits penalty"
    . you must have allways the 4 wheels on track cause AC is counting curbs and green extension as on track ... so i think no reason for allwoing 2 wheels off track

    The reasons im against automatic slow downs is that during a race it can cause unnecessary incidents if someone just slow down really fast in front of another car ... and because its not realistic at all. But I think its ok the slow downs in hotlap mode or practice mode just to make you have good habits
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  11. I bet that slow-downs will be not there in races!

    I think Jorges suggestions are quite good. But the boundaries of the track should be the white lines. This should be a clear rule not just in virtual motorsports!
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  12. What about 5 seconds penalty only after shortcut in race?
    and in all solo mode should keep invalidating lap for bad lap anyway.
  13. I like you idea Jorge except for the fact that if I'm allowed two or three off tracks and have none then it will be a free for all on last lap....in a perfect world when you go off you should get used to slowing down and coming back on track when it is clear (in a race, I mean)
  14. youre right ... well ... then i would say that you should go "run through pits penalty" everytime you go off-track (only if you gain time with that). The question will be: is it possible to find out if you gain time when you go off-track? if its possible to implement that in game code i would say to give it a go ... if they have the time to do it (other things in AC development should have priority)

    Im not against the slow-down idea ... but im against cutting off automaticly the throttle ... you should receive a warning and slow down when its safe ... but we also dont know if slow-downs will be implemented in race by kunos so ...

    im just discussing what is a interesting/important point for me and not trying to tell anyone what to do or saying that i have the perfect solution ... will be nice to see others ideas and discuss them here respectfully ...

    I like what kunos is trying to do with the slow-down solution ... at least they care about this point ... just hope they can found a better solution then just cutting of the throttle ... if they dont ... well ... for me its better then nothing :thumbsup:
  15. Allow developer mods and record the AI, so you can race against yourself. That's how simple it is.

    Also, there should be no actual penalty for cutting the track in an actual race, though they should make it impossible to gain advantage by cutting much. I mean, in LFS, and also this game I came over situations being 4 wheels on the grass sliding with all of the wheels and catching the car with barely any time lost. If the software would've forced me the Slow Down, I would probably spin and cause more worse than good.
  16. The problem in races would be, if you try to avoid an accident and therefore cutting the track. The software will not know if you cutting on purpose or to avoid accidents. So, for me its very clear: No slow downs or whatever penalties in races.

    If youre on a free public server it can be annoying when someones cutting on purpose then, but in leagues you will race with people who are mostly fair sportsmen (i hope :D). So they wont cutting the track to gain an advantage ;)