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Off road mod

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Turk, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Turk


    Is it possible for a track game like AC to be turned into an offroad game that could rival Richard burns rally? It's ability to simulate drifting so well would make me think it could be extended to simulate dirt pretty well too.

    I'm sure this would be a big mod to make and would be better done officially but if Kunos could pull it off it could make AC an all encompassing racing sim.
  2. Kazumi


  3. Michael Hornbuckle

    Michael Hornbuckle

    Few weeks ago the guys at Kunos were playing around with "soft road physics" and after a couple hours playing around with it said it felt pretty good but hard to tell how realistic it was because data is hard to come by....I think they said after V1.0 they would include the soft road physics and 4WD drivetrain models in the modding tools....

    So yes, there is hope that at some point we could have a nice rally mod or maybe even dirt oval mod.
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  4. Drtracer


    That is great to hear! There's a big following of Dirt Oval Racing in rFactor which i've been modeling for since 2005. I've been waiting to see if that is possible on the modding side of AC. Been following the progress of AC since the beginning and this will make my purchase decision and bring a huge group of dirt oval sim racers along!