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Off-Road Drive

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Christophe Berton, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. http://www.offroad-game.com/index.php
  2. aww, no ps3 :(
  3. Looks cool!
  4. New trailer

  5. Hmm their site is a bit dodgy, is it in development or has it already been released?
  6. Why no ps3 :damnit:

    PLEASE make it ps3 aswell :pray:
  7. its in development --> release Q2 2011
  8. Thanking you :), looks like a good game, reading their forums theres no Free Roam Mode just Races which doesn't seem right to be for an Offroad game but meh will give it a crack :p
  9. How many Off-Road SIM games are there out there that weren't done on a dime?
  10. this looks quite interesting.. a great concept and I wonder if there will be an option to have to camera like that as we are going around the track? :D may get abit annoying sometimes though.
    Will keep my eye out for this one!
  11. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Motorm4x is one. Has rock crawling and stuff in it. Not sure you could call it hardcore sim but its quite fun.
  12. Pretty interesting. I haven't found any off road games like this so far.
  13. Off-Road Drive - awesome terrain - needs bikes!

    I love this game, but it has some quirks! :rolleyes:
    I would love to run DIRT BIKES and QUADS in it!

    It is a strange brew of arcade fun and slightly sim racing that is fun as all hell.
    It could have used a little more refinement to the menu and garage, but the terrain just kicks butt!

    If this game had a baby with MX vs ATV Reflex, I would play it for years!
    It is missing FREE ROAM mode and a TRACK EDITOR + DIRT BIKE MODELS!

    I want a project like CARS for OFF-ROAD with DIRT BIKES! :cool:
    Ideally supports free roam riding + track and race editor, object imports, etc.
    Ideally supports multi-player / FPS quake style browser + auto "map" downloads.
    Ideally supports custom bike + rider skins + auto "skin/model" downloads for MP.

    I'm VERY glad I bought it and played 6 hours - so far :D
    I got it on sale @ 1/2 off here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/200230/

    YouTube might tell you if you'd like it - it is unique racing!

    MX vs ATV Reflex - gameplay:

  14. have you managed to get it to work fine with a wheel? my g27 doesnt like it at all
  15. I got it to work - but it acts like a game pad...
    I think the gas & brake are on a split axis vs. separate axis
    I was able to map some buttons naturally, but many are gibberish.
    I just wanted to play the game, so I accepted the weirdness to begin.
    Now that I've played a while, I want to sort out shifting, winching and start w/ 4x4 & locked diffs.

    Just to get going, I mapped buttons to what I have - but it does not label them correctly.
    - fake example = what would normally be Button 11 shows up as: ?_button_zxf
    - - I'll update this later... hopefully I will figure some stuff out in Logitech Profiler
  16. Did anybody else buy this?

    I'd love to hear what you think...