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Odd problem: loading setup crashes game

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nissan man, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Over the last few days i have been working on a 1-mile oval that some what resembles milwaukee. I was using my old setup for TPSCC Arizona so i would have a fast car to test. in my latest update now when i load my Arizona setup and click race the game hangs and i have to end the process. all i have added is some walls, made the racing line, move pits and garages, and added some terrain. i have never seen this issue before. anyone have any ideas? :question:
  2. I would say check your image sizes....
  3. Try and remove the aiw, then reapply it without altering it, export and test it. It's best to save it as a copy and edit that, saves messing up your project.
  4. only using default textures at this point, i am testing using the cartfactor mod
  5. update: if i do anything to the setup the game hangs:beat-up:
  6. ok, i think i figured it out. I have a pit wall separating the pits and the garages. because BTB doesn't support a 2nd pit drive line yet it got confused. I got my track working now.
  7. Well done! So it seems like this happens when the pit line is too far away or unaccessible from the garages.. It is all starting to make sense now :D