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Oculus support in R3E

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Jozsef Veverka, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Any idea about R3E getting Oculus support in the near future?

    I have Life for Speed since years, and it was a big waste of money until this week.... but with the Oculus Rift DK2 support it is just simple amazing, I can't really describe how much is the difference between the driving experience on a monitor or driving in virtual reality... forget about rigs, 1 million monitor setups... it is all useless...

    i would really like to see Oculus support in R3E ASAP... :)
  2. Peter

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  3. feels3

    Sector3 Studios

    I have tried R3E with Occulus and I must say, it's sick experience :)

    I had to stop a car after I left pitlane, I will need some time to get used to it, but apart from that, it's simply awesome.

    Before I started, I was in the pitlane and watching all details around me, suddenly even pit crew animations became important for me, I felt more like I'm in the middle of big event rather than just inside some random race.

    Immersion is just insane. I love it. Just need to find out how to get rid off a motions sickness ;)
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  4. Oh Wojciech, you're not alone with this. Sitting in the cockpit just looking around with the Rift is pure awesomeness:thumbsup:, but as soon as i press the right pedal, my body says "no no no you're not moving, even if it looks like that". → :sick:

    Seems like i need a motion rig to compensate that.:confused:
  5. Using the Rift can take some getting used to. I have been playing with it for a couple of weeks now and I have no issues but, be sure that you are getting a stable 75 FPS or the lag will have negative affects on your brain. I haven't tried it in RRRE yet.
  6. OFF: Totally agree, actually you have to work on it, and i think it will be fine. 1st time i tried the rift, i could have it on for like 5 minutes, and my brain and stomach were already gone for a day. now, after like 1 months, the problem significally reduced, basically with games like LFS or TF2, i dont experience any problems at all (these games are very well optimized for Rift i guess). it is really important to have a stable 75 FPS in the game or demo, you have to have vsync on by default, and you should set up your IPD properly. Also reported, and i have to say i agree by my experience, that using headphones instead of speakers can reduce sickness effects as well.

    ON: Raceroom just announced their native support for R3E, actually it is in beta testing phase, hopefully we can try it out at the Simracing Expo on Nürburgring this month, fingers crossed :)
  7. It's exciting to know Oculus support is being worked on. Just about everything that has added Oculus support over recent months have seen an increase in sales and gained a wider audience so it should be a win win situation for devs and gamers alike :)
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  8. Not sure if we're supposed to find it but adding -vr to launch options in R3E and you get DK2 support, albeit in very early stages.
    Certainly not an official release but we knew it was going to be coming one day.
    Personally I dont care how early the support is, I'm just pleased that I can play around with it.

    You must run DK2 in extended mode and as primary monitor. I used OBS (open broadcast) to see my menus for settings and it was fine. I can only get Practice to work right now as you cannot see Go Race buttons for other modes yet. It seems when you exit a practice session the menus get more broken so be prepared to ctrl+alt+dlt out at some time.
    Once in a car though it's a great feeling. Nice depth in the cockpits and pretty smooth headtracking.
    A great taste of what's to come IMO..

    EDIT - Forgot to mention that you must turn off Motion Blur, it doesn't play nice right now.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2014
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  9. Thank you for the info man, i just have had a few laps on bathurst, and it is awsome. its a shame that my TX wheel broke down 2 days ago, but even with the xbox360 conroller, it was just veryvery impressive.
    Most probably they still working on the interior (mean the driver itself, its just not excist...but actually it didn't really bother me) part and the menus, since the implementation seems to be done for the driving part, and it feels really good.
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  10. Good to hear :)
    I find I get best results by setting visuals to Medium, then turn off motion blur and turn off split shadows. Make sure you set refresh to 75hz (next to resolution in video settings)
    Make sure you turn on driver wheel & arms in Vehicle Settings.
    Also Space Bar re-centers the view.
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  11. Wow, the info about the re-center was pretty useful, i missed that, was playing with the seat position to get it right, with the graphics i did almost the same, but thx anyways :)
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  13. Great video and commentary!

    I was able to get RRRE to render using the rift but, I had no head-tracking at all and the view was not proper stereo image.
  14. Thanks Dean! Yeah it's a bit temperamental at the moment, but I've not experienced what you're describing - is the light on the IR camera coming on?
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  15. With all the excitement about VR support for R3E I completely forgot to even look at DTM..and it's awesome. Obviously it's about the same as R3E but the cockpits on the DTMs are lovely, full of depth and gadgetry. Lapping round Norisring with 15 cars, side by side at hairpins..just a brilliant feeling :)
  16. Yes, the light is on and I have the same problem with Elite Dangerous. Pcars and LFS work fine though, I have to use Virtual Desktop in order to navigate in Windows or else my icons are concealed behind the desktop.
  17. Hmm. I assume you're running it as your primary display? Do you have an unusual display setup? Or perhaps multiple GPUs?
  18. Single GTX 780 with two monitors plus Rift. I did set the Rift to primary and Windows automatically turned off one of the displays. I may try disconnecting one monitor to see if that has any effect.
  19. You may also need to manually set it to 1920x1080@75Hz in the menu.
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