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Oculus Rift vs. Project Morpheus

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Blkout, May 8, 2014.

  1. In regards to VR, I have a feeling most of us here are going to play pCARS on the PC so that would only leave the Oculus Rift if there's going to be support for it but Sony has already announced that pCARS will have Morpheus support on the PS4. I really would prefer to play this on the PC, but if Rift support isn't available, I may end up going with the PS4 version for Morpheus if the VR looks promising.

    Anyone else thought about this yet or even care? :D
  2. Yes, they are very close to having OR support implemented in Pcars. I have a DK2 pre-ordered and look forward to testing in Pcars as well as other titles. The Oculus thread in Pcars is one that I follow quite closely as I am very excited about the added immersion that this technology can offer. How well it actually works in the end remains to be seen and having hardware that supports wide view angles at high resolutions is still years away but, I am hungry for an early taste. :)
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  3. I pre-ordered a Rift DK2 yesterday. Figured I would buy in on the hype. Morpheus looks just as promising as Rift but I really like my PC compatibility.
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  4. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Are any of these types of eye/head tracking systems going to be available for the xbox one?
  5. My DK2 should be shipping in 3 weeks! That's all for now...
  6. Microsoft is said to be working on their own VR. Its very early though and details are pretty vague.
  7. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    The Oculus Rift seems to be all the talk, haven't heard much of Project Morpheus.
    Tell me something if you buy the OR DK2 what happens the final finished product is released next year do you upgrade or will it be the same thing? or have I got my wires mixed up.
  8. DK2 is the Development Kit #2 for the Oculus Rift. It is intended for use in developing games that will use the HMD. Consumer Version #1 (CV1) will be the next product, the first for the general public. It will have more features, improved resolution and refresh rate over the DK2. The only upgrade path for buyers of DK2 is to buy the CV1 when it is available although, I suppose that it's possible that the press and select developers will get early versions for demo purposes.
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  9. For what its worth, I'm selling my DK2 already. I received mine on Aug 27th and after a few days, its shortcomings are just too much for me to live with. I'm certainly not putting down VR technology because it has a lot of promise, I just think the DK2 software has a lot of issues to resolve and the specs aren't good enough for me to live with. As it stands right now the DK2 tends to make me a bit nauseous. I'll wait and see what CV1 brings to the table.
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  10. Using the DK2 right now has some trade-offs - mainly the low resolution and some latency in some games/demos that make it uncomfortable to use at times but, the DK2 isn't meant to be a long-term consumer product. I think the resolution has to be much higher along with having the latency addressed to realize the true potential of VR and HMD's. None the less, the CV1 will be most people's first taste of the tech and I think it'll be hugely popular with gamers. Clearly, the software needs lots of work to get things optimized and that will take some time.

    The initial experience is incredible and I can't wait to see what can be done with VR down the road. I suspect I will do the same after a time, let someone else have the experience and then wait for improvements to develop for CV1 and beyond. It'll be interesting to see if the GPU market can find significant performance improvements at reasonable cost to users. VR tech could boost hardware sales but, only to a point. A reasonable costing high-def HMD is great unless you need a $3000 dollar GPU to run it.

  11. I have a GTX 780 SLI setup that I was using and it performed well without any hitches in regards to performance, however, my biggest gripes were the setup was flaky, many apps required far too much fiddling around to get to work properly, some work in direct mode fine, some have to be extended, needing to press alt-enter far too often. I could almost live with that, but the resolution is way too low for me at this time. In fact, I'm worried it might even take 4k resolution before its a viable solution for me but then again I'm very sensitive about display image quality. The FOV needs to be a bit bigger too, felt a bit claustrophobic for me. The headset cabling needs to run from the sides of the headset like high end headphones, really annoying running over the top of my head. And the headset itself is a bit heavy, doesn't take long before I feel the strain on my head.

    All that being said, I'm very impressed with VR tech, it certainly did show me that there's a ton of untapped potential there. I'm looking forward to CV1 or Morpheus.
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  12. If you couldn't get on with DK2's resolution, I wouldn't expect much from Morpheus either, as it's unlikely they can push the resolution any higher with the PS4 (however, I'd expect Sony to make a very comfortable, ergonomic product, and with their expertise in display tech, they may be able to produce a panel with little or no screendoor effect).

    In the PC space, 4K would be great, but it's a pretty unreasonable resolution to expect to run, particularly maintaining high framerates. I believe that once the overall latency is reduced once again for CV1, the sensation of 'presence' will become so overwhelming that resolution will be of little concern, and the likely 1440p is going to be decent enough anyway. Certainly nothing like the incredible sharpness we're used to on monitors, but this is an entirely different experience and I think the majority of users will decide that it's well worth the trade-off.
  13. Correct, which is what I'm expecting from Sony based on early reports. I'm not overly impressed with the display in the DK2 at this moment.
  14. I think a 4k display - maybe a curved panel, could do the job pretty well but, we are certainly years away from having something like that. The 1440p upgrade will help a little but, miles to go to get anything close to what we are used to on monitors. Nvidia has shown some interesting tech to improve image quality so maybe there will be some combination of new things that will bring some enhancements for the short-term.