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Oculus Rift FOV

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chadd, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. I just got my Rift in and started using it on AC and trying to get everything dialed in as best as I can. I am enjoying it greatly as it is so much more immersive than my triple screen setup. I was just curious about the FOV...when I initially set the display to the Rift and go in game and check the driver seating position, it shows the FOV to be at 70 as the default. I heard that the FOV of the Rift was 110 but not sure if these 2 numbers are related. What I am curious about is should I change the FOV to 110 with the driver position app, or is the FOV set to a default and that number not even matter? Thanks for any responses
  2. The driver app fov doesn't do anything in Rift mode. The FoV in Rift is locked; I agree it would be nice to adjust it slightly to get the scale just right.
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  3. . There is only one FOV, the variation comes from the different combination.
    We adjust FOV because we sit at different distance from different size screens, with VR we all have the same setup, so there is no problem for the developer of the game to give us the perfect FOV.