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[Oceania Zone] [WTCC] Virtua_LM Mid-Ohio (Chicaned) - Sunday 6th July 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Another event especially for the Oceania Zone

    Here comes our second Oceania Event for RaceDept.

    These races are primarily aimed towards our members in Australia, New Zealand, and S.E. Asia so the race times are set for that zone. However, we welcome entrants from other timezones who would like to race at this time and help us to maximize our starting grids.
    The only thing we ask is that priority be given to Oceania members since they often don't get the opportunity to race other events.

    We continue with Race 07, and since we will have the server already setup for this brilliant Mid-Ohio track, lets run it again for those who are not able to make the FD Series Event, or those who just can't get enough of it and want to race it again.


    Event details
    Game: Race 07
    Date: Sunday 6th of July 2008
    Server: RaceDepartment.com
    Car: WTCC 06, WTCC 07 *
    Skins: Custom skins allowed.
    Circuit: Virtua_LM Mid-Ohio (Chicaned)Track Download Details Here @ RSC
    Password: Here

    * NOTE: The Vauxhall Vectra is not allowed to be used in this event, but you may use the Honda 07.

    Event schedule (GMT time)
    Practice: 10:30 GMT, 30 mins (8.30PM Aust Eastern Standard Time)
    Qualifying: 11:00 GMT, 30 mins (9.00PM AEST)
    Race: 11:30 GMT, (9.30PM AEST)
    Laps: 2 by 17 laps

    Server settings
    Allowed driving aids: Auto clutch/auto gears
    Weather: Dry
    Failures: Normal
    Start: Standing

    Please use the following format for sign up:

    Name on RD forum:
    Name in game:
    Your Country:
    Special remarks:


    *** Prepared to step aside to make room for Oceania members in needed.

    1 Piolo - Honda ***
    2 Michael Herrmann - Honda ***
    3 Warren Dawes - Alfa 156
    4 WallyMasterson - Honda ??
    5 Daniel Juncadella - BMW E90
    6 Cam Wedgwood - Seat leon 07
    7 ian beech - BMW E90
    8 Hamm3rHed - Seat Toledo
    9 TMO - BMW E90
    10 dondon413 - Honda
    11 D.Lemon - Seat Leon ***
    12 T-Man - BMW E90 (Skin in sign up post).
    13 Chris Noble - Honda
    14 Imperious - Seat Leon 07
    15 Jari Vinnari - Seat Leon ***
    16 ShamefulManny - Chevy
    17 Mozzo - Alfa 156
    18 Femto - BMW E90
    19 Vincent Kan - BMW E90
    20 Anthony Hilton - BMW E90 ***
    21 stuartlyttle - Seat Leon
    22 McBrain - Seat Leon ***
    23 Laszlo Miskolczi - Chevy

    1 Jerome Benard - Alfa 07
    2 Gary Lennon - Honda

  2. Forum Name: Piolo
    InGame Name: Paolo Dolzani
    Country: Italy
    Control: Logitech dfp
    Car: Honda 07

    Im not an oceanian member but if will remain a free place sign me in please
  3. hehe nice track
    sign me in plz

    InGame Name: Michael Herrmann
    Country: Germany
    Control: Logitech G25
    Car: Honda (would like to drive the vauxall now that the car is offical released)

    since i am european i will step back if you need my spot :)
  4. Name on RD forum: Warren Dawes
    Name in game: Warren Dawes
    Your Country: Australia (QLD)
    Control: G25
    Car: Alfa 156
    Special remarks: C'mon Aussies, C'mon
  5. Name on RD forum: WallyMasterson
    Name in game: Wally
    Your Country: AUS
    Car: Seat07 Download skin here
    Special remarks: How strict is the car choice? Does it really matter? I will probably change my mind many times before the race.

    I am quite happy to continue with Race07 at whatever random track pops up next. A lot of people are keen to try a wet race, too, I think. Some single make races would mix it up a bit.
  6. Not strict at all Wally, it's just to give an indication so people can mix the field up a bit. Turn up in whatever car you wish.
  7. Name on RD forum: Daniel Juncadella
    Name in game: Daniel Juncadella

    Your Country: ESP
    Control: G25
    Car: BMW E90
    Special remarks
  8. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood
    Premium Member

    Name on RD forum: Cam Wedgwood
    Name in game: Cam Wedgwood
    Your Country: Australia (QLD)
    Control: A1
    Car: Seat Leon '07
    Special remarks: Thanks again Warren!
  9. Name on RD forum:ian beech
    Name in game:ian beech
    Your Country:ENGLAND
    Control:Wheel Formula Force EX
    Car:BMW E90
    Special remarks:

    Attached Files:

  10. Yup I'm there...

    Will be there I can't believe I'm taking soooo long to register for the grid seeing it's my car in the pix :adhd:

    Thanx Woz...

    Name on RD forum: Hamm3rHed
    Name in game: Grant Daly
    Your Country: Oz
    Control: G25
    Car: SEAT Toledo
    Special remarks:
  11. Name on RD forum:TMO
    Name in game:paszek
    Your Country:United States
    Control:Red Momo
    Car:BMW E90
    Special remarks
  12. Dondon413

  13. Name on RD forum: D.Lemon ***
    Name in game: David Lemon

    Your Country: Northern Ireland
    Control: G25
    Car: Leon 07
    Special remarks: Keep up the great work guys!! the more races the better.
  14. I'm very unlucky i started 14th and had an amazing start and got 8th before t1 made a nice move on a chevy and followed d lemon and warren dawes and in one corner my game froze up so i had to exit race..
  15. Name on RD forum: T-Man
    Name in game: N.Eiffe
    Your Country: Australia, Adelaide
    Control: DFP (FREX'd)
    Special remarks: thanks for organising this Admin :thumb:
  16. InGame Name: Chris Noble
    Country: UK
    Control: Logitech DFP
    Car: Honda
  17. Forum Name: Imperious
    InGame Name: Imperious
    Country: Australia
    Control: Logitech G25
    Car: Seat 07
  18. Name on RD forum: Jari Vinnari
    Name in game: Jari Vinnari
    Your Country: Finland
    Control: G25
    Car: Seat Leon 07
    Special remarks: I will gladly make room for ocenia zone drivers.

  19. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead
    Premium Member

    Name on RD forum: ShamefulManny
    Name in game: ShamefulManny
    Your Country: Australia
    Control: G25
    Car: Chevy
    Special remarks: I'll try not to knock anyone off the track this time :D
  20. Name on RD forum:Mozzo
    Name in game:Grant Morrison
    Your Country:Australia
    Control: Momo
    Car:Alfa 156
    Special remarks
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