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Objects quality improvement ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Andre_1th, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Omg, look at my sheeps ! In BTB they look almost perfect :

    But in rFactor on track:

    How to improve this?

    Friendly regards
  2. Check your Mip Bias value. In your Xpacker it can be found in your Materials tab found at the bottom right, you can change it value for each type of map you use & It's also in your BTB, under Edit Materials, which can be changed under the Textures tab.

    The lower the Mip Bias value such as -4 the sharper the image, the higher such as default value of 0 the blurrier. :)
  3. aha, it's already at -4 mipbias001_as.jpg Will test some values, tnx m8.
  4. There are two possible material transparency settings: Chroma and Alpha. Chroma, which your sheep and grass are using, is the worst but most reliable. Alpha looks better but there are rendering issues when one alpha texture is behind another - the game will have trouble deciding which one to draw first. I think you could use alpha on the sheep.
  5. Yes sir , alpha did it, good sheeps now, btw sheeps look like goats, need pigs, any pig xpack available ?
  6. Did you try to save these as DTX3? Looks like it could be DTX1.
  7. This is way off-topic, but I couldn't help it. When you start off a thread with
    you deserve some sort of award. Thanks for making me smile.
  8. @ Lordpantsington: Lol, finally get some laughing :) Seems you're the only one with humour and understand my funny sheep comment :party:
  9. Discovered another problem: The alpha setting did do it for my sheeps, but now I tried the same for some bridges in my project and every time I try to change the material (venue) into alpha I get the famous unhandled exception again ! I must overlooked something?

  10. Great Britain Inmates/prisoners in rFactor ?

    The same for Great Britain (RBR) xpack spectators? Grr, for all 42 (14x3) ?!

    BTB: kijkers001_as.jpg rFactor: kijkers002_as.jpg
  11. This file might help you out Andre - backup & replace.


    Edit/Addendum: I noticed a fair lot of rF tracks have those half-buried anti-corner-cutting tyres in the inside of corners.
    But I can't remember ever seeing one in BTB or any Xpack. Anyone have those, or were they put in with 3Dsimed or something similar?
  12. Did find 25 LIDI3D.DDS files on my system, replace wich one ?
    Maybe the "my last track" 385 KB with this 171 KB file?
  13. The one in yer current track folder, of course.
  14. Of course :) :thanks: