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Objects planting on Xpack imported venue?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by berglez, May 29, 2009.

  1. I have almost finished track made in 3d max. Because I don't want to start doing it again from scratch iI exported my work into 3ds format and imported my track via xpack into BTB.

    Is there a way to plant trees onto that object (it is a complete track actually) and other objects to sucesfully finish my track?

  2. we export everything from btb in 3ds, also plant

  3. But berglez made the track in max and import it into BTB as an object.
    And he want to put trees,other objects onto his tracks(wich is an object).
    I think it is not possible.
  4. If you started the project in Max, why not finish it in max?
  5. The only thing I can think of is to lay invisible tracks and terrain, without textures, and then plant trees and objects..
    This would be very tedious though..
  6. He wouldn't have access to objects made for btb (such as the GB XPack). Even more sorely missed would be SObjects - the kerbs are fantastic.

    berglez, you could make a simple track with an enormous piece of terrain added, and place it just under the object track. You could place objects on this and then move them upwards until they appear to be on the object track.
  7. And this is exactly why I play with this idea. Planting trees, grass, objects and SObjects from GB Xpack is so so simple and not like max, which is pain in the ass.

    I tried to create fake track and terrain but it is difficult to align, since in left and right view you only see track an terrain and not the imported track object.

    Any other ideas?
  8. I know, that exist a forest plugin for max (i don´t know the right name of it). i red it in a very old bhms thread long time ago. maybe it will help to plant vegitation without btb?

  9. Groundwiz, they have a free Lite version. http://www.gugila.com/
  10. Tried all above mentioned plugins for max, but there is nothing to compare with planting possibilities in BTB and your GB Xpack !
  11. no way to imported to btb, but if you have lots of time and patience you could use simed to added objects & trees.then exported it to whatever you want.

    edited: missed a section on link.....:)
  12. I think,you can try this method:
    create small track, add terain and put all yours models on it. Delate track, then put in place tress and others models without Reset On Ground. Afte yhe finish delete terain. maybe it help you...
  13. Thanks to all who helped me out here, but sadly non of the method is working for me. I think I will have to finish in max what started in max. If anyone will find some solution please let me know. Thanks
  14. You can write a program that transforms the mesh of the object to the BTB terrain's format (BTB 0.6), plant the vegetation on the created terrain and, at the end, destroy the terrain and include the original object.
  15. Why not trying to import the track.3ds in sketchup and export then in kmz format?
    Then you can open the kmz format with a zip program and extract the kml.
    Then, BTB is able to import KML format....

    Maybe it should works... :wink2:
  16. the Kml file contains only a spline/trail, not surface data (as i know).

  17. Not if you fill with heightdata :wink2:
  18. just use wallaby.. it's quiet easy to use for planting objects like trees.
    not as user friendly like btb though, but since you have finished the tracksurface in 3dsmax you could as well finish the job with wallaby.
  19. How on earth n00b like me could do that? :loser: