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Released Ožďanské serpentíny - Slovakia

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by deze, May 10, 2010.

  1. This section is for posting new tracks not for requesting them.
  2. sorry i am new here, but .. where can i post this topic???
  3. nobody?
  4. The answer you'll get here is to make it yourself. That's what the Bob's Track Builder program allows you to do. There is no section within the Bob's Track Builder forum for requesting a track as we discuss "how to make a track using Bob's Track Builder".

    There may be a section here on racedepartment.com for track requests (I don't know as I come here just for BTB support). I do know nogripracing.com and racesimcentral.com have track request sections, so you could ask there.

    Which simulation are you wanting to have it in? Richard Burns Rally? (it looks like a hillclimb or tarmac rally stage) rFactor? GT Racing/Race On?
  5. i need this for rfactor and richard burns rally
  6. Then grab BTB and go make it. The chances of someone doing this (huge amount of) work for you are virtually nil. Just try to get the road (layout) and some empty terrain in there, that may take a few hours at most, and if that works, decide if you want to go through with it.
  7. so I do not need detailed
  8. So, I also would suggest that you dowload the BTB and see how much fun you can have with making your own tracks :) It's easy program to start with and then when you get progress, you will find great more advanced features. Everybody did like that here, so why wouldn't you just try?
  9. Be careful though, it's VERY addictive.... :wink: