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Skins NYPD-SKIN FOR: 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS+LS9 Upgrade V1.0 v3


  1. Needs a gumball and a wailing siren...then it's done.
  2. this is a skin only.
  3. You're funny you know.... kitbash ?
    I didn't publish my work anywhere, I made it just for myself, so... :whistling:
    you really can't stop me to do that, sorry.
    I was actually trying to help, to suggest you what's wrong with your skin, based on REAL
    life pics, so you can improve it more but you're only worried about ...kitbashing, eh... :rolleyes:
    And there's much more you should be worried about. Beside that logo on the front.
    Which is SO friking obvious, I really don't have a clue how'd you miss that ?!?
    "police" logo above front tires should also go much more to the front of the car.
    That's also easy to spot. :rolleyes: The long blue line must have the same thickness
    all the way, not like yours, NYPD logo its quite different the the one you use,... etc, etc...
    You want some more ....sugge ...kitbashing I mean ? :geek:
  4. THANK YOU for the amazing bio there but i can see you can read DO NOT kitbash my work. simple.
  5. Well... :whistling: since you're so ...righteous - a few words about YOUR WORKTM. Do you have permission from the authors of this nice mod (no need to reply, I know you don't) to kitbash they NYPD-skin-less car or, for that matter,:confused: do they permission of converting this car from another game (again, no need to reply, I know they don't) . :unsure:
    You better chill out mate... this ultra simple skin is not really worth it believe me... :sleep:
    I can, too, see you can read. So...
    Relax. [​IMG]
  6. ... your the sack who clearly doent understand what "Do Not kitbash"means.. i dont give a hoot how simple it is or isnt. the author actually supplied me the template. maybe instead of typing your sad drivel... you should respect artists wishes. noone forced ou to dowload princess.

  7. Whatever mate. Whatever.
    Say... isn't that good old Rivers ?!?
    Maybe it's not too late for us to be friends, after all... :D
  8. sal good. ill do a third update.