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nVidia drivers issue

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ondrej Kapal, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I have big problem with my nVidia drivers and Race game. Sometimes, when I am in game, the game just crashs (while racing) and after this, If I try to start it again, it is crashing all the time and I need restart my PC to get it works normally... Windows says me that the drivers stopped work and were restored... The worst is that it is unpredictable.. I have the newest drivers... Does anybody know what can cause this?
    Thank you
  2. I haven't XP but Vista 64bit... but I try this drivers for me
  3. ... and settings !
  4. its in all win versions dosent matter if XP,Vista or Win7 only solution is to reval back to a driver number below 1.69.xx
    unfortunate its only possible for XP and Vista users cuz vista Nvida driver dont work 100% in Win 7. from 170.xx all later
    drivers are bugged for any Gmoto game as Nvida messed up something to make Crysis run on there card'S
  5. Peter

    who cares Premium

  6. I have a Nvidia 9800gt card, and after endless game freezes with the F1 mod, I took Martin's advice and found old drivers that work for me:thumbup:(thanks Moooooooooscht:smile:) I think different drivers suit different cards/systems....
  7. Didn't help... :/ it crashed after 10 minutes of playing
  8. try a driver version betwine 161.xx and 169.xx that might helps you
    you will find them at guru3d
  9. can you please recommend me any specific? because there is more then 10 version of 161.xx - 169.xx
  10. not realy as i found out that it differs fro mcard to card wich will work
    i am on a 8600 gt and run 163.73 beta wich dont give me freezes under XP
    but cant say if it will have the same effect under vista
  11. My point is, that I am playing another, more recent games in which these very old drivers would cause compatibility problems.. Well I try to find another fix what will solve this problem and thanks for your help, I appreciate it
  12. that problem i dont have as all the games i play are mostly still older as these driver versions
    or atleast the base engien :)
  13. OK I found out that DX8 may fix this problem, where I can set it? If I open Config.exe there is no option for change DX setting
  14. i am not sure if you can change dx version in Race
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    For solving problems its always handy to post the kind of card you have Ondrej.
  16. It doesn't matter what kinda of card I have at this situation, because that drivers are for each card the same... only system is important, but I have 8800GTX (I have take a look but this problems cause drivers up 170.xx I guess and what I have read it is for each card - 8xxx, ,9xxx, 260, 280, 295... problem is that I can't use drivers older then 180.xx :((( )
  17. edit n/m misread...
  18. My "thoughts" on this :wink:

    Like Michael and a few others here, me too I'm using old NVIDIA drivers.

    My system is well capable of running (and runs) Race ON with max detail at a frame rate well above my display screen capacity.

    Like others I had nasty “freezes” in recent league/club events and that prompted me in a "quest" for a way around the problem for time being...

    So far I'm using driver version 186.18; with good results but not perfect.
    Did a recent 150 minutes club event without problems and I've been practicing for next league event without them too, but... the problem is there still, it just takes much more time to happen.
    My idea is that If I really abuse my GFX card, changing tracks/mods, alt-tabbing in-out of the game into multiple applications at same time, eventually after a few minutes/hours will get a "guaranteed" "freeze".
    Since in a single track load/single event (club/league) this driver’s version (186.18) has yet to "fail", I will keep them for time being.
    There are many drivers (official & hacked) going around, yes recent driver changes made by NVIDIA really "kicked the lower belly" of their more conscious (former?) costumers so we must dig for an "old" driver solution, but... a few thing to have in mind:

    • As already typed in this topic, some old drivers don't exist for newer OS
    • Some old drivers run new applications (games) bad or not at all.
    • Some old drivers do a poor job in a dual view system (some of you run such system).
    • Likewise, some of these drivers don't support well (or again not at alll) a double card system (again some of you run this option).
    Having the above in mind... good luck.:smile: