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nVidia anti-aliasing tweak

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by J van E, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. FSAA didn't work at all in ETS2 on my PC, making the game look a bit bad, specially because everything in the distance seemed to move all the time. Ugly.

    Today I found out this workaround for nVidia cards (I have a GTX580) with the help from someone on another forum. Create a profile for ETS2 in nVidia Inspector and apply these four highlighted settings:


    Then disable MLAA in ETS2 and (very important) set scaling to 100%! If I use any other scaling setting, FSAA won't work.

    I have been driving with moving pixels ever since I bought the game but now finally everything looks solid and awesome!
  2. I can confirm this works. You can also switch Gamma correction ON and force Anisotropic Filtering through the drivers, it works generally better than the in-game one.

    I also use Inspector to set Negative LOD bias (to counter the bluring of transparent textures) and force Vsync while limiting fps to 58 (reduces input lag).
  3. Ok, I will also try forcing anisotropic filtering and gamma correction. What number do you use for neg LOD bias? -1.000 or something like that?
  4. -0.1250 if I remember correctly, just a subtle correction. Texture filtering switched to High Quality and Trilinear Optimisation to OFF.

    Let me know if you find the drivers AF better.
  5. Well, I've spend the morning testing various settings. (And there are a lot... ;) ). My findings are that the settings I posted in my OP work as advertised but I've added ONE option: LOD bias at (a staggering) -2.000! This REALLY has a great impact on the quality of textures (sharpness). I even tried -3.000 but that made things TOO sharp, really... -2.000 is a nice balance (on my PC) between smooth graphics and sharp textures.

    With -3.000 things look almost exactly like an ingame scaling setting of 400 but to me it's a bit too sharp here and there.

    With the posted settings an a LOD bias of -2.000 this game looks absolutely stunning.

    I did also turn on Gamma Correction although I couldn't really see a difference in the game. But afaik this settings has no (real) performance cost so it can be turned on without any problems.

    Concerning anisotropic filtering: I could see no difference at ALL between the ingame option and forcing it through the driver. (And yes, I obviously DO see a huge difference when I turn it off altogether. ;) ) Since I am told that when there is no difference between an ingame option and forcing it through the driver it's always best to use the ingame opion, so I did just that.

    And btw I also couldn't see a difference between Texture filtering at Quality or High Quality so I left it at Quality.

    My personal conclusion: the settings from the OP (with MLAA off in the game and scaling at 100: both settings are MANDATORY!) and LOD bias at -2.000 this game is utterly next-gen en looking awesome!!! :)

    Here are my final settings (with in game MLAA off and scaling at 100%!!!):

  6. You shouldn't use a high negative LOD bias value as it will cause texture shimmering. Keep it as low as possible, just to offset the blur that comes from using SGSSAA.

    I agree about Anisotropic Filtering, there doesn't seem to be much, if any, difference between the in-game one and forced in drivers methods.
  7. Hm, ok... I don't notice any shimmering though and things look pretty sharp. The difference between 0 (or -0.1250) and -2.000 is very noticable. If I don't see any actual shimmering, are there any other disadvantages when using such high (low ;) ) number? I suppose that shimmering should be pretty noticable...?
  8. It depends on your system, drivers and the game itself. Perhaps it's not so noticeable in ETS 2. Just worth noting for those that might try it on a different setup.
  9. Ah, okay.

    Another things that helps to get more crisp graphics is to disable DOF! That setting makes everything in the distance a bit blurred: I suppose this is a 'cool feature' but to me everything looks a lot better what DOF off! That blurried distances looks odd.
  10. Hey Guys,

    Oke i also tried this.
    But how does it exactly work with Nvidia Inspector?
    As i did like you said above.
    But where to let the game know to use these settings?
  11. especially since it's practically useless, my eyes does a much better job making everything else blurred except what I focus on..

    and thanks for this tutorial, much appreciated, this sim looked horrible with the standard settings, not even the nvidia control panel had any impact on antialiasing..
  12. GOOD can not make settings on F1 2012
  13. Don't need these tweaks really. Use an SMAA injector of SweetFX.
    Very simple to use and by far the best AA solution to any game.