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Nvidia 9800GT

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rhys Gardiner, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    My public trust fund has recently given me and my family permission to get me a new PC/Laptop. :victory: I'm going for a tower, as it suits my needs better than a laptop ever would. Our PC store is building it up for me (all the stuff a gamer would need :music2:), but there's one thing I need to be sure of before taking the plunge. The graphics card provided default with the PC they're building is an Nvidia 9800GT. Knowing the freezing and graphics problems that come with the combo of certain Nvidia cards and Race 07, I want to know whether I'm safe with a 9800GT? Or is it only the 8800GT that messes up Race 07?

    Awaiting your replies... :)
  2. I have a 9800 GT and I almost don't have any big freezes.
    Sometimes only a small one of 0,1 second or so, but that is not a problem.
  3. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I have a GTS250 and is about the same as a 9800gtx+ and I have no freezes and it runs smooth at the max settings.
  4. Just to confuse you Rhys, I had a 9800GT and was plagued with freezes, but after replacing it with a 9600GT from a friend, I've had no problems at all.
    I have no idea why, maybe it was simply my brand of 9800GT (mine was Gigabyte). :noidea:
  5. Hmm. Just to be safe, I might request the machine to be fitted with an ATI card... :thinking:
  6. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    Rhys it should be no problem on the graphics card. It may only lie on the brand & driver provided by brand like Warren said.
    I have an nvidia 8800GT from Asus (which is actually the same as the 9800GT(x +) and the GTX250......they all have the same chipset. And I never had any problems with race07/Evo.....only with some mod combo.......let me knock on wood right now :)

    It might be wise to give out what are the other options that you could go with it :)
  7. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    For the record, I had a BFG 8800GTS running on an Asus motherboard - freezes in Evo.

    Moving to an ATI 4870, same motherboard, no freezes since.
  8. i would if i was you, the 4890 runs smooth as silk for me, not had the slighist hint of a frezze or stutter :good:
  9. Rob Goldthorpe

    Rob Goldthorpe
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I have a ATi 4830 512mb.. Runs like a dream, and it was only £80 :)

    I'll wait untill the 58xx comes down in price, which will be next week :D
  10. I also had freezes on my nvidia card. I switched to ATI and havnt had a single freeze since.
  11. Had a ATi HD3850, freezes all over in Evo.
    Got a X1650, sometimes freezes in Evo but not often.
    Got a 7600GT, no freezes in Evo.
    Had a 8800GTS, freezes all over in Evo.
    Got a 9600GT, very rarely freezes in Evo.

    All tried on different systems and the same system.

    It's a bit hit and miss in my experience. I also know others who get the freezing with ATi cards, so I think it's all about being lucky with Evo...
  12. I use GTX260 and 9800GTX+ also no freeze on GTR-Evolution,
    I use this driver,this driver let me enjoy no freeze racing,
    Thx M.Coleman support this link :)

    Talk about GTX260,before,i use 9800GTX+,i always in the game freeze ( i not use M.Coleman about the good driver,so freeze),and then,i bought GTX260,but,this card,i think is some problem,more friend use this card always overheat,GTX260 play GTR-Evolution is no problem,but,if GTX260 play rfactor,is very too bad ( may be is my card had problem ),
    This link is about me use GTX260 on rfactor,overheat for my card :(

    So,i think is my GTX260 have problem,so,i take the card to PC factory fix,now,i wait it change new one for me, :)

    Now,i use before 9800GTX+,it play rfactor and GTR-Evolution is 200% no problem for me,i like it,
    About this card 9800GTX+,i use M.Coleman told me the good driver 190.62,this is good driver :),and i use RivaTuner221-[Guru3D.com].exe put the fan to 90%,wow,must not overheat :),

    I hope can support you :)

  13. I got a 9800GT just recently and I have not experienced any problems in RACE whatsoever.

    Of course, different system combinations can cause all kinds of anomalies.
  14. thought you had a CTD last Friday`s Mini race :curl-lip:
  15. Nope, the game minimised to desktop, I scheduled RegCure wrong lol.

    Hence why I was still able to type.....
  16. Okay... I think I might try the 9800GT with Mike's drivers... :)

    Since it's being built, it can have any card... that's why I'm asking. :D
  17. not sure if this helps Rhys, but i use the 9800gt and i find it is a superb card, i have all settings on max in Race07/gtr evo and it runs fine, i am using the last 191.07 beta drivers and i get no stutters/freezes at all.