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Nvidia 3D vision anyone?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Marc Good, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Yes, all the time.

  2. Only for hotlapping, too demanding/unstable for races.

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  3. No, don't like it.

  4. Never gave it a try.

  1. Marc Good

    Marc Good

    Well, I don't know if there is already a thread about this - but through the forum search I couldn't find any discussion on this topic.

    Anyone sim-racing in 3D all the time?

    I've received my first 120Hz monitor this Monday and quickly set it up to get a first idea.. to be honest I've always been a skeptic and the few times I've been watching a 3D movie in cinemas I was rather disappointed. However, my screen was bundled with the Nvidia 3D vision kit so I thought that it can't hurt to give it a try.
    And man am I happy that I gave it a try. This really took sim-racing to another level for me. At first there was some heavy ghosting and I was not fully convinced - but when I played around with the convergence and had it properly set up, the sims came to life and I'm now racing with full depth.

    However, due to the rather drastic FPS drop I'm not yet decided on whether I should actually race in 3D or rather stay with the benefits of the 120Hz without depth.

    What are your experiences with 3D for sim racing?
  2. Mikael Larsson

    Mikael Larsson

    I haven't tried 3D during online race but use it all the time when I practice :)
    About the "drastic" drop of FPS....it seems to lock at 60 FPS which really makes sense, and that is true for all games I have tried. But running at 60 FPS should be enough. I don't see that much difference (if any at all) when I run in non-3D with 500-700 FPS.
    I also agree with you, it took sim racing to another level :)
  3. Marc Good

    Marc Good

    Why haven't you tried online racing with it? No time yet? Because that's what made me really appreciate it - the other cars in 3D. Made judging of distances a lot easier and the cars just look phenomenal :p

    It does lock frames to 60 FPS, yes. But with my somewhat outdated hardware (single GTX470) I had to deselect quite some graphics options to never drop below 60. At first with my previously used settings in iRacing it was dropping into the low 30's with 3D enabled, now I'm able to hold it on a steady 60.

    What I'm somewhat surprised is the lack of support in the sim-racing community. I mean, the responses to this thread are very few.. and I myself consider it a game-changer as it really enhances my experience and I don't wanna miss it :cool:
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    There have been others who have tried 3D for racing, but the monitors to support it and the fact that for the moment you have to own nVidia products to see it means that there are quite a number that are not able to do it. When it becomes supported by ATI as well, and the price of the 120Hz monitors comes down quite a bit, then you will see a lot more people with an opinion of this idea.