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Nvidia 285.62 fixes broken GFWL text, allows SLI

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Flouncy, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Folks running an SLI setup would know that the text in GFWL was a corrupted unreadable mess, and that disabling SLI was the only sure-fire fix. Some claimed running in DX9 mode also helps, well it didn't help me.

    Anyway. Yesterday's new 285.62 drivers fix it. Now we can run SLI and the GFWL text is fine. This is important to me as I run an online tourney so needed to use GFWL properly to organise races.

    I'm also pretty sure there's a healthy performance kick. Back when I *did* run SLI when the game came out I was getting about 90fps with SLI on, and all detail maxed out (SLI 460s). Now I'm whacking out 120 - 130 fps with detail as high as it'll go.

    So, sweet. Thanks Nvidia. A bit late, but I'm grateful nonetheless.

    And for all this time I thought it was either a GFWL or F1 2011 caused problem... Maybe it was, so thanks Nvidia for fixing that.

    The crappy text was there too in F1 2010, BTW, and of course every other game using GFWL worked perfectly...
  2. I want a desktop computer. you're getting 4-5 times more FPS than I do on my lap top, and I'm running everything on medium at 1280x720.

    tis the price you pay for convenience I suppose. as well as the actual cost of it.
  3. We're getting off topic - but while a powerful graphics setup certainly helps a lot, 2011, like 2010, is heavily CPU dependent. Benchmarks around net confirm this. FYI I'm running an i7 (quad) at 3.8, so that helps me a lot. And while I'm getting super frames now, I'll almost certainly run with vsync, there's clear tearing without it and it's lovely and solid and greasy-smooth with vsync on.
  4. edit: double post.
  5. I am glad this is finally fixed. Thought I was the only one who cared :wink:

    I agree the new drivers are very nice.